Posted by Hinesy on July 21, 2014, 11:18:49 PM

Stevie stayed and Luis left.
I remember the panic setting in amongst us not so long ago at the prospect of another star striker leaving?! Where would we find a replacement at such short notice? How would the club survive? Well, Keegan left and Kenny came in and all was well.

Of course that fear reappeared with Torres, but I wonder if that whole episode, and how well we've played recently, has made us realise it really isn't the be all and end all when a star turns to shooting star and all that is left is the vivid burning tail of a memory of former glory.

So today when I read that Gerrard is to give up international football and Suarez is headed for tikitakatapas land, I noticed that my soul was at ease, at peace and the more important news of the two was Gerrard potentially lengthening his career at Anfield. Of course its easy when one cares not so much for the national team, but also that the prospect of Suarez heading off didn't set alarm bells ringing in the pit of my stomach where all football emotion seems to live. In a small bungalow.

The king is dead, long live the king they say, well cheerio Luis, like the previous small, waspish, silky soccer skilled Spaniard who amazed and delighted us (that goal v Juventus, come on now, just smashing...) you will be missed, but just as we watch your car disappear down the road, like leaving relatives, we will turn smiling into the home that is Anfield and are reminded that players come and go, but Liverpool is steadfast.

A bit like Stevie's intentions. Welcome back Gerrard, long may you live as a king in our court.

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