Round Table: Liverpool 2 Newcastle United 1

Posted by Corkboy on May 11, 2014, 10:32:26 PM

This was a game where the result was everything and ultimately meaningless. Not for me, by the way. I can stand coming second (as a gentleman should) but coming third behind the Shitcoat One would irk me. Not just because he's a stain on football but because it would suck the romance out of our league campaign. I know we're not Accrington Stanley but we don't chuck money around like Chelsea and Man City. Getting one over on at least one of them feels good, for everyone in the game maybe and not just us and if it ended up looking like the Moneyball table after all, well that would have been depressing. Aside from that, all we could do was win and hope for a miracle that did not transpire. Still, nice to win the last one at home and all that.

And to the game. Suarez was awful, Agger sublime, Skrtel comical and Coutinho revitalising. This was a weird game, all told. Everything felt jittery and hesitant. Newcastle shot themselves in the foot, who goes off for dissent? We stabbed two goals home, didn't really look like scoring more and while the other lot weren't trying very hard, they still got behind us once or twice. It was a game whose end I greeted with more delight than watching it. Maybe it's just the deflation of having your dream almost inevitably crushed elsewhere while you still have to soldier on. Credit to the players and staff for grinding out a win in such circumstances but that was distinctly uncomfortable stuff so I'll leave to someone else to find any gems I've missed. A game best forgotten in an otherwise memorable season.

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