My eyes bore witness. Crystal Palace 3-Liverpool FC 3. Dazed. Confused. Onwards

Posted by Harinder on May 6, 2014, 12:00:07 PM

First Half

First 10 close but no cigar

Corner. Goal

Break. Nearly another.

Breaking down in middle. We've seen this before. We shall overcome

30-40 mins they have good spell. Great save by Mignolet followed by tipping over bar. Followed by best punch of season

We go close in last 5.

First Half Musings

 - Need 2nd. Need 3rd. Need loads. Need win
 - Gerrard goal was awesome
 - So many fans. So many fans. Where has everyone come from?
 - Oh look. The Crystals.
 - Coutinho 2nd half may be as soon as 55th min

Second Half

50th min. So so close

52nd. Goal. No one gives a shit how they go in. Bibble Bobble. 2-0

54th. Pass. Move. Groove. Goal.

3-0. Attack attack attack

57th min. Ball by Sturridge. Keep calm and lets do this

I usually come home and use these cues to write out what I felt for those points. When I came home last night I didn’t want to fill in anything. This morning it’s the same. I’m stuck between the part of me that thinks it is totally logical to want to dissect and rationalise why we went from 3-0 to 3-3 and the part that screams “just let it go”.

Rationally we are top of the league. We qualified for the Champions League. We have played some scintillating football along the way. Irrationally we had a 3 goal lead. We lost a 3 goal lead with 11 minutes remaining. We want to scream. We want to blame. We want, we want, we want

We all wanted. We just haven’t got it…yet.

The travelling Kop was just all out noise til the 79th minute. Realising a deflection caused the goal didn’t leave us feeling nervous. The 2nd goal did. The number 7 from Crystal Palace bombed past Johnson and then Gayle slotted it in. As there is a huge metal pillar in the way, seeing precisely what happened for the 3rd was hard. The easy bit and most deflating was the seeing the ball in the back of the net for their third.

Fans begin leaving. Well a thank you very much for coming and so sorry for the inconvenience of support until the final whistle blows. Chips are down and we were all hurting but I can’t begin to understand how leaving early fixes anything.

I am still stuck. Maybe it will be my way of extending the hope and belief that there is more to come in the way of twists… I just didn’t expect us to be one of them. Writing more isn't helping  :(

See you all on Sunday. It’s been emotional.

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