RAWK Round Table LFC 3-2 MCFC

Posted by Hinesy on April 13, 2014, 03:43:10 PM

"There are days in my life..."
Whether we win the league or not, the mark of champions is the ability to come back from 2 goals scored against you quickly and still win. A tale of two cities and a tale of two halves if ever there was one.

Skrtel for me was our man of the match, how many times did you have the words Skrtel and heads and clear today? Never mind heading us clear with that 2nd goal. And talk about composure with Sterling's finish was wonderful.
Sturridge looks tired, and/or off the pace with his touches, but that has come fortunately at the same time as Sterling's all round improvement. He had a marvellous match.
Luis actually was fouled a lot today and for me, though he lost his composure at moments, it was right to keep him on threatening the whole time.

The little'uns showed up today, Coutinho and Sterling showed strength and skill, how valuable was Coutinho's strike at the end?

With Henderson out for 3 matches, my question is: how would you set us up for the next few games? Allen isnt' totally like for like, so what do we reckon?

Anyway, drink beckons. get.the.fuck.in.

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