Round Table: West Ham 1 Liverpool 2

Posted by Corkboy on April 6, 2014, 10:36:24 PM

That was tight.

Did you doubt us, though? Did you think the delicate stylings of Fat Sam would do for us? Well, folks, in this humble mind the 'Ammers were good value for a point at half time. Playing Diame on the right of midfield made it hard for us in a 4 3 3, they seemed to have a lot of space in the middle and they were tight and organised at the back. We have a guy who can beat that, though. In fact, we have several but only one of them was really humming today and that was the captain. His pass for the Suarez penalty was sumptuous, as was Suarez' touch and flick. The equaliser was, in retrospect, one of the funnier moments of the season, some slapstick vaudeville from Andy Carroll (nice tweet after the game, by the way) ably supported by the comic timing of the ref, and the assistant whose assistance he seemed determined to spurn. Also, instant replay on the home big screen to help him out (as well as their own keeper with Gerrard's last five spot kicks later in the game). West Ham at the cutting edge as always.

Our manager, as he regularly does, spotted the problem and moved quickly to solve it, by bringing off Small Phil for Lucas and asking him to play right side of a diamond, to help out Johnson who had been exposed several times. But we forget how good a player the former Beratted of Barnet is, and how adaptable. He calmed things for us, dictated the space and was responsible for the gorgeous slide ruler which won Flanagan a questionable penalty. If it were given against our keeper, I would have questions, questions that might begin with "what the fuck".

But for as long as Fat Sam hollered at them to chuck it long and get it on the big lad's head, there was always a chance we might have succumbed and in that respect one shot on target for the home side does credit to our defence. We flung ourselves when flinging was needed, and stuck heads in where they might get hurt and clattered and elbowed with the best of them. This is becoming a very admirable team, and when you have weapons like we have, a dangerous one.

So nine wins on the bounce and a first win without Suarez or Sturridge scoring. Also, Gerrard gets out the yellow card gate. I think. This was a very impressive win, the kind of win good teams have when things aren't going entirely their own way. It's still on.

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