Round Table: Liverpool 4 v Spurs 0

Posted by Corkboy on March 30, 2014, 08:26:16 PM

After the minor wobble against Sunderland in our last home game, this was a routine win against a side who were occasionally threatening with the ball and invariably supine without it. Reflect, for a moment, on our selection for this game compared to the last game. Exit Joe Allen, a "conventional" midfielder and enter Raheem Sterling, a winger/attacking mid. Our midfield diamond went to a three and Allen made way. That's offensive (in a good way). That takes balls. That takes Jordan Henderson. And the reward was four goals from four different players, with apologies to Kaboul.

They talk about our lack of depth but we were able to bring on Allen and Lucas. When the latter came on, Alan Smith remarked that Lucas could do "the Gerrard role". How quickly we forget it used to be the Lucas role.

So, Suarez goes top of our PL list of season's tallies, Small Phil bags himself a goal and Johnson continues his long running impression of Dani Alves. Oh, and a clean sheet. Such a perfect two days in football.

Finally, on examination of the league table, it would appear that Liverpool Football Club currently occupy the line at the top.

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