Round Table: Cardiff 3 Liverpool 6

Posted by Corkboy on March 22, 2014, 08:52:30 PM

There is no way we are not everyone's favourite second team. No way. We are hilarious.

On this occasion, we gave them a head start, twice, ushering average players through our defence with an almost courtly deference. No, please. After you. Oh, you want to go that way? Be with you in a minute. Dan Agger and Jon Flanagan appeared not to have met before. Very odd, and a little unsettling.

Luckily, we are searing in the other direction and not half bad in between. Cardiff were a little unmanned for our second but those are the rules and after that, the Suarez and Sturridge Show took centre stage. Then we gave them a little glimmer towards the end, where suddenly maybe the three points weren't entirely pocketed, and perhaps an unlikely comeback might be on the cards. And then we laugh, and Suarez bullies his way through to another goal, teasing both Marshall and Sterling in the process.

Martin Skrtel. Two goals and an assist. We are fucking hilarious.

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