RAWK Round the FA Cup Table AFC 2-1 LFC

Posted by Hinesy on February 16, 2014, 06:06:25 PM

What to say what to say... This tangled Webb of mystery we spin...
In a nutshell, I'm actually proud of much of what we did today, we didn't get steamrollered, we took them on at their's and for the most played very well.
But just as the margins in most games are what counts, they affected us today.
Sturridge was slightly off his game, not quite as sharp as I've seen him and it showed. Suarez wasn't as effective on the right as he had been and the Emirates' pitch was very slick and we consistently over passed the ball.
But none of that would have mattered if the other penalty had been given. Normally I'm someone who's reluctantly happy to concede that decisions may even themselves out, and so forth. Even more so, I hardly ever agree with Andy 'Come 'ere love' Gray. But we both, and probably the millions of non Arsenal fans too, had to say what. the. fuck. Suarez was knocked over in the box. Webb probably thought I've just given a penalty I'm not giving another but that was bad form. Terrible.

Meantime their goals were on the break and well taken and they settled then but we didn't look toothless and that's what pleases me. I actually thought Agger had scored with his header too. Bugger.
Still, I'd take 5-1 and the hope of Champions League next season and this result. Onwards.

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