Eyewitness Report: Liverpool FC 5 - Arsenal (humiliated) 1

Posted by Harinder on February 9, 2014, 03:59:21 PM

A 12.45pm kick off when you live where I do isn’t easy. It’s harder for many others though so for everyone who travels week in week out I gotta give it to you – it’s a worthy slog to see  your team. For me this consisted of doing it in a loan car. It just seems to be my luck that in the last week of Jan/first week of Feb the car that I have wants to play up. Does it every year without fail irrespective of what car it is and it’s always when we play Arsenal. Spooky as that may be, I’m not one to believe in rituals really so I just got on with it. An early start on a clear motorway with podcasts is a good way up. Being a man of petrol, diesel sounds take a bit of getting used to as well as that thing they call Efficient Dynamics. Bit like our performances at home I guess ;D

Car aside the podcasts were all annoyed with the West Brom match. That wasn’t surprising and to be fair they all have benefits of having some people on that weren’t there to contrast those that were. They probably get to see repeats of the things we as the travelling fans don’t want to. I’m still to work out if that’s a good thing or not… Kolo’s face has done the rounds so to speak!

It’s not something I mention but who buys/receives the Official Matchday programme? I do and I flick through it at best. From back to front is my usual reviewing manner and to be honest I only really look at a few pages if that. At a guess over 30% of is the ads. You have the back for the tables/stats things and some quizzes in between. I do stop at the birthdays bit and toda,  for the second time of looking at them, I stopped and reflected for ages. Usually it’s full of people of all ages celebrating a birthday… my own daughter was in it last year when we beat the Mancs in the Shankly 100 programme. Today it had a death. That made me stop and think of all the people I’ve known who’ve passed away, family and fans of the club as well as friend. The tribute, was very simply and poignant “RIP Navin Rabadia. 45 years a fan of LFC and leaving behind a lovely wife and three beautiful girls”. The photo didn’t make the man look very old and I don’t know who he is or anyone who knows him. All I can say is though when we lose someone close we deal with things differently and some find moving on easier than others… this fan got to move on with his club remembering.

This was made even more poignant on the next page I stopped at. Page 18. Hillsborough Memorial Service, 25th Anniversary. I’ve not seen the details elsewhere but it states tickets will start to be made available from Monday 10th February.

We also paid tribute to Tony Hateley.

Ok. The Match. Well you don’t ever think you’re going to score in the first minute. Especially against Arsenal. Especially if you’re Martin Skrtel. Celebrations, more Rob Guttman, more “it’s too early” from him. I should add that there are other great people sitting a next to me. A gentleman called Michael who’s now in the sticks near Stafford somewhere but originally from Liverpool along with his son/daughter/friend. It’s 1-0 and we don’t care. We’re winning against the league leaders!

When we’d caught our breath and Mignolet did that thing that he does, you know “I’ll come, I’ll go, I’ll err err err ooh it’s not a goal thank god”, we go and do it all over again. And its Flanagan bombing it down. I’d only just finished congratulating his run when the corner came in and Skrtel does it again. 2-0 and Arsenal are rattled. 2 quick goals is their January trademark. Welcome to February, Arsene.

And then we nearly do it again with Raheem down the wings and crossing. Out for corner and just what is Stevie doing sending it out of the box and then just what the hell was that? What on EARTH was that? My word. How hard? Just how has that hit the post? How have I not had a heart attack yet? Suarez. Simply fantastic. Possibly the best effort on goal that hasn’t gone in this season.

The we really do go and do it again. Hendo dispossesses them, off to Luis, across to Raheeeeeeeeeeemmm… GOAL!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaah. Just bedlam. 3-0.

3-0. First half and 16 mins odd. Has this ever been done to Arsenal before? Has this ever been done to a team leading the league in such a manner before? Whilst musing on that Coutinho’s just let Sturridge in for Four. FOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

It’s not too early now Rob ;D ;D ;D

4-0 and we’ve just ruined the Arsenal. Wenger no place to hide baby, no place to run. Welcome to the Ring of Fire!

5 anyone in the first half? Now lets get one thing clear. This isn’t a shitty half baked Arsenal team that turned up. We were there without our full complement of first choice defenders. So far limited to 2 chances on goal and being thumped by us. It is a glorious sight to behold.

First half musings

• The ref doesn’t like using his yellow card
• 4G reception in the ground rocks. Means we get to see the goals at half time again on BT Sport App. We saw them under our nose from where I sit. We’re just greedy :) Take that LFC Fan Wifi which works only pre match never at half time!
• What will Arsene’s half time team talk be?
• Why did we sit back at 4-0? Brendan won’t be happy
• Why is Jack Wilshere such a tit?
• Any minute now George will put it out on the PA “will a Mister Ozil, that’s Mesut Ozil, please make himself known to one of the stewards so that you can be returned to your Arsenal team mates?” ;D
• What the fuck is going to happen next Sunday?!!!

Second half

Well if its anything like the first this is going to get very very bad for Wenger ;D

Within first 5 odd mins it was. Sterling collects ball on the wing and off he goes and keeper saves but not the cool follow up. 5-0. This is also the part where I contemplate a go slow on the way home as I pass Arsenal fans… to be honest most of them driving have just left the ground so maybe not ;D

At this point you just don’t know how bad it’s going to get for the opposing team. Not that there is any sympathy for them in the ground as the crowd is just as ruthless as Brendan. Over the last five years its not really gone our way at home against the Arsenal. Arshavin, the sun shining in Pepe’s eyes, RVP near post, Diaby running wild. Sympathy can go do one. Annihilating these guys is bringing a tear to my eye.

As does the second time in the match that the best attempt at goal of the season happens again by Suarez. The volley was awesome. The free kick though was power, poise, accuracy and perfection all in one. The only thing missing was the sound of it entering the net.

Oh, they scored a penalty. We cheered for them  ;)

The last time we did this to a team from North London a manager lost his job…now that would be just too ruthless!

Coming back to the Official Matchday Programme for a second. The front cover pretty much summed up the match. How did they already know the scoreline?  ;D

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