RAWK Round Table LFC 5-1 AFC

Posted by Hinesy on February 8, 2014, 02:45:33 PM

It seems plain as day to me. Hire in players whose names begin with 'S'.
What a smashing start to the weekend. We always worry about Arsenal home and away, much more of a bugbear team than most others in the league and yet by the time the Kemlyn had sat down with their bovril, it was 1-0 up. Skrtel, recently criticised, played for me, one of the finest games of his career, up and down the field.
I felt for Aspas, everyone wanting their own goal, at the end, but Sterling shone out, Coutinho was just wonderful to watch, an intelligence reminiscent of Litmanen at his finest, and Suarez. Luis' ability to hold up the ball belies the notion that you need a Heskey sized creature up front to hold the ball, at the end he took out two players and almost put in Sterling with a sublime trap and turn.

Flanagan seemed to grow in authority during the match, and was excellent in keeping the ball on the ground and pushing on, and to be fair there were few bad performances. Even Ibe's short spell was as sweet as a spoon of sugar coated in honey that's been sweetened.

Happy days. Can we play you every week? Oh, we are...

Who stood out for you and why?

PS what was that Suarez volley like... oh my.

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