Eyewitness Report: Liverpool FC 4 - Everton 0 (DVD out next week for Toffees!)

Posted by Harinder on January 29, 2014, 12:50:43 PM

Derby day. As a kid never an issue. I suppose that's our nature when younger, we roll along with the flow and for me that flow was pretty good. We won more times than not and pissed on their chips a few times at Wembley! As I got older, and I think somewhat closer to Liverpool, I began hating them. Something or the other would always interrupt the positive feeling around the day. I think I paid more attention to tracking this back in 99 and Kevin bloody Campbell. It's funny how that match also created a bit of a hate for Monday Night Football unsurprisingly! It wasn't just the Richard Keys wolf hands!!!

Anyways, when writing this I'm conscious of not going backwards. That's because we're clearly going forwards so lets stick with that groove.

The journey

When you've got kids and need to ensure they get to school then the same day up and down via car becomes trickier in a one car family. This wasn't a problem until this
year so the first hurdle was getting there. Luckily good ole Chivasino off here came to the rescue so that passage was safely negotiated. It's interesting how RAWK has reunited me to a great time in my life in mid to late 90s. Chivasino is one of those great people associated with that time. Many common denominators and all underpinned by Liverpool Football Club

Suffice to say the journey up therefore wasn't boring. We reached our first pit stop off the M6 to pick up another Liverpool fan. This fan is an enigmatic figure on that Twitter. To John Merro he's a pain in the arse. To Kopology he is a thorn in the side. To many he's probably the best Roy Hodgson impersonator we know. A podcast legend in his own lifetime... Maleven  :)

Cue more interesting chat in respect to where we are going and where we have come from. January hadn't so far brought us the post Christmas gifts we were expecting and much like some other derbies a sentiment that Everton were on the up whilst we had possibly stuttered and faltered. We'd been here before in previous seasons and big derby matches and got through them. Would this one be any different? Nerves are natural and I guess if we all assumed this would be plain sailing then in reality we would be somewhat guilty of taking a win for granted.

Of course, this is Everton. A team who will celebrate the survival of relegation on the boards of its very own Woodison. Our united brothers in arms when it comes to Hillsborough. Our dividing lines there for all to see on the pitch. Off pitch there are many DVD's celebrating next to nothing of anything significant for Everton. For us our DVD's culminate in lifting trophies

Enough said!

Anfield. Park, rain , walk, wait. I had to wait for my cousin to get there so I could give him the card for his seat. As we waited we saw a very briskly walking Glen Johnson dodge a few fans and enter the executive box area. Daniel Agger went through the fans to the players exit area to enter which I thought was nice for fans to get photos and autographs. It's not hard to make a young kids night to be fair. Upon waiting for my cousin who arrived I met some more old friends who are great reds too. This was turning into a happy reunion of Mr Singh's almost. Me, Mr Harinder Singh, them Mr Singhs of the Brummie pizza fame. Awesome!!!

I was asked a score prediction by my cousin and by one of the stewards and my response, which is recorded for posterity on social media, was as follows

"Even if we got to 3-0 at half time, I'd be nervous. I'll relax if we're 4-0 up and it's the 89th minute"

I am not a betting man. What would the odds be?

The match

I turned and shook Rob Guttmann's hand and said "If you're in a match report tomorrow on RAWK don't worry - I'll only be saying nice things"

The electric pace of the match did have me worried. End to end is what I thought it would be but when Barkley threatened in the first minute I did pray that this would not be Villa again. It wasn't. We forced a few good saves from Howard and even though we were happy not to have the lion share of possession we were happy to counter.

***The first goal***

Possibly one of the best corners seen in ages at Anfield. One of those that normally undoes us! Seeing both Skrtel and Stevie rise for it I thought it one then the other. I didn't care. We scored and Anfield erupted. Magic. You could see the Evertonian idiots giving Suarez hassle. Only post match did I hear about things being thrown. I hope the lowlifes involved get dealt with harshly. It's a coward who does things like that. Real heroes score goals. That's what our captain did so we drew first blood.

Didn't help that they nearly scored so soon after. Things like that do NOT help the nerves!

***The second goal***

We broke and bit of a look around by Coutinho before his cutting pass. As soon as it fell to Sturridge you just knew at that angle and one on one against Howard there was only one place for the ball to end up. Sturridge goal and it was sublime. I mean it was great how before our first goal how Daniel held the ball and put Sterling through but alas no goal but this was lovely. About half an hour gone and 2-0 up. Could easily have been double that amount of yellow cards for Everton but that's for a little later.

***The third goal***

The masterpiece third goal. The work of art. The Sturridge Mona Lisa/Sistine Chapel/Picasso call it what you want. It was a brilliant goal that killed Everton. From its sheer audacity to sublime finish it was as if time stood still when it left his foot and you just see Sturridge stand back, almost hands on hips, looking at the ball sink into the back of the net. Like the last brush stroke applied and he wanted to stand back and admire.

Rob Guttmann to me "Are you here every match?"

You can't miss me mate. No one else around you looks like me! I am indeed

I apparently have a lucky seat. I don't plan to leave it anytime soon ;D

Half time musings

• The flags looked awesome. Even clocked our very own Doc Evil's "Digger" banner made an outing

• You'll Never Walk Alone. It ends pre-kick off when WE say so. Not you... especially when the PA/Speaker system sounds like its seen its last days!

• Lukaku - taken out by his own. The threat nullified by Everton themselves. I wasn't the only thanking the heavens above when he went off. I wish him a recovery but I was over the moon that he couldn't cause any pain. He hadn't really done any damage up to the point he damaged himself. Cheers Everton!

• Everton are tragic, n-na nah nah. N-nah nah nah  :D

• Mignolet - why you no catch? Why?!!!

• Martinez. The "wet" look. What a hard man? He's hard as nails him. He stands in the rain. He stands in the raaaa-ai-ain. Roberto Martinez, he stands in the rain (alone).

• Bookings first half? If you can't be consistent then sincerely please find a corner to face until you can. McCarthy, Mirallas and others. You did Pienaar and Barry. You just missed everyone else

• PS Everton - did you tell yer ma? Grand ole team lads ;D

The Second Half

Predictably they pushed at us. Predictably we countered. Predictably we scored

***The fourth goal***

He runs and runs and runs and runs and runs and scores. I mean did they even get close? Can those who watched on the telly let me know how it looked? I sit in the 5th row of CE4 right next to CE5 so just before the half way line. Once Suarez was off it looked inevitable. And then it was. Bang. 4-0 and forgetting telling their ma, their mum, dad, next door neighbour and bessie mate from Wales or Norway heard that celebration.

Poor Jagielka ;D

***The penalty***

Coutinho again with a great ball to a rampant Sterling but no card. How the heck is nothing given? Up steps Sturridge and full of confidence and its over the bar. Kudos to all those who lifted his spirits by singing his name. The lad scored two blinders and would be deserving of a hat-trick. It just wasn't to be. I do believe this is my fault more than anybody else. I should have said I'll relax at 5-0 and the 89th minute.

After this they did nothing. Again, probably like everyone else, we wanted a real drubbing of the blue and whites to kill that spirit. It had been destroyed in respect to their game plan but more goals could so easily have finished anything they had left. I expected Baines and Mirallas look to press our wings but that didn't really happen for them. They didn't muscle past Toure or Skrtel. Sturridge did protect Cissokho for a while and Flanagan had a fabulous game until the batteries ran out.

I can understand Daniel's frustration at being substituted and I'm glad he was. It shows he cares. The silliness at coming off is dealt with and shouldn't take anything away from his performance.

Performance though is a fantastic point to conclude with. At a time where we've questioned so much and at times laboured against individuals what a time it was to show a capability in a critical match. Mentally it was brilliant. Sterling's tenacity and Flanagan's maturity brought a happy tear to my eye. Skrtel's head injury seemed to change something in him and it was great to see the team encourage Cissokho. He's ours right here right now and maybe that will change in time but whilst he is here we mend and make do. Our captain and Coutinho came lovingly to the forefront in setting up the play and long may it continue.

Oh and Martinez... I think it's called touché when they call you a thin Spanish waiter ;)

Liverpool 4. Everton 0. Good night!!!

I got home at around 3am. Didn't fall asleep for another hour or so just seeing that 3rd goal again and again in my head.

I woke up seeing it too ;D

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