RAWK Round Table SCFC 3-5 LFC

Posted by Hinesy on January 12, 2014, 06:17:11 PM

Hello Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes...
Tears of joy and a hard hard fought game, Hughes has done a job at Stoke, a strong aggressive team with Crouch as an ever present danger. We had another cup game type match, to and fro, end to end etc etc but a great sign that this is a slightly different Liverpool team. We kept going. A soft penalty perhaps, but still deserved and I thought apart from a tendency to pass back to Skrtel at dangerous moments and he just gets us into more trouble, we are playing consistently well and now look like a team that opposition teams expect to score, they know they can't give up on us. That cheers me. As does Sturridge's goal, wow. Other strikers may have given up but the whole build up from Sterling to Suarez to crossing the line was just a thing of joy.
Onwards and upwards. What we do now Daniel's back. Who goes?

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