Spyin Kop - Hull City vs. Liverpool - 14:05 Sunday 1st December

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I've done a few of these covert ops onto other sites and have received a few choice comments for my troubles but generally due to either moderation or general decency I've managed to come away with enough replies to pull together a half decent thread and one that is, hopefully, worth reading. I'll let you decide is this manages to fall into that category...

1. After gaining promotion back to the top table of English football last season how optimistic were you about 2013/2014 and what were you expectations for the coming season?

Obadiah: Fairly optimist for a day. We have a good squad and play decent football. Then our chairman said he wanted to change our name. This should be one of our best seasons ever, instead we are fighting to remain Hull City.

RichardCheatham: Very optimistic. Think we'll win it, probably by Easter. Piece of piss.

Pollysbodyparts: Probably won't be able to answer that until about February. If I'm being totally honest, avoiding relegation should be the aim of any newly-promoted team who doesn't have massive money behind them.

Smallvoice: Hoped for fourth from bottom.

2. Summer in's and out's. I'll be honest and say I don't know too much about Bruce's transfer dealing's but who's looking good business and who's looking bad (even if we all recognise it's a bit early to say either way)?

Obadiah: Huddlestone and Davies are class and the rest aren't far behind. 

RichardCheatham: Davies and Hudds been seen buying sun tan lotion for the England trip to Brazil. Doubt McGregor will concede another goal this season.

Pollysbodyparts: Made some excellent signings. Curtis Davies raised a few eyebrows, as we weren't sure he was really that much better than what we already had, but he is. He's been superb. Huddlestone, obviously. Livermore's been good, too. Strikers are the big problem still, though. Danny Graham? Sheesh... shows how little was available.

Smallvoice: Huddlestone is twice the player Henderson is...no wait,thats still quite unfair on Huddlestone.

3. Due to his Mancunian past, his willingness to take one for his former team/lord and master, it's fair to say that auld fat head himself is pretty much universally despised on Mersyside but how do you feel about him? To be fair to him he's brought you back to the promised land and even if most of his games in charge have been in a lower league, his win percentage ain't bad! I suppose the main question; is he the man to take you forward?

Obadiah: Yes.

RichardCheatham: Everyone is despised on Merseyside apart from those in the dole queue. I was there only last week and the main shopping area was closed due to a suspicious item seen in a parked car. It later turned out to be a tax disc.

Pollysbodyparts: He's been brilliant. Honest, calm, mature. I dunno how anyone can despise him, unless, of course, you buy into that nonsensical "rivalry" between your lot and ManU. Hasn't it felt a bit one-sided all these years? Always looked like Scouse jealousy to me.

Smallvoice: He might look like a dinner lady but we love him.

4. What on earth's going on with this owner of yours? From the outside looking in it feels to me that he doesn't understand the very people who pay to watch HULL FOOKIN CITY week in and week out! It looks like he wants an American franchise and not an English football club with over a century of heritage and history. Can he be stopped from changing your name? If he does manage it, can he be stopped making any further changes against the wishes of the loyal supporters?

Obadiah: He needs the FAs approval to change the name. We think he can be stopped, he doesn't. Interesting times ahead. 

RichardCheatham: Don't fucking ask.

Pollysbodyparts: He saved the club, and for that we are grateful. By his own admission though, he knows nothing about football. Fair enough, but he has refused to accept that people who have supported this club for decades through thick and (mostly) thin, might be able to tell him a thing or two. It's a fucking shame it's turned out this way, as it's brought about near civil war. Can he be stopped? Our efforts are lost on him, but they're not being lost on the wider football public or the media, which is, almost without exception, supportive of us. Your support of our protests this Sunday would be greatly appreciated. There, but for the Grace of God, etc... We can only hope that the FA are similarly supportive. There are people who are also doing certain things to place obstacles in the way of him being able to change the name. Fingers crossed.

Smallvoice: He is losing support and credibility everytime he opens his mouth.We are the thin edge of the wedge,this could spread throughout football if not stopped now...

5. I've noticed in a few of these threads, your own support actively taking the piss out of the atmosphere in your own ground. You're not alone in this fact with a number of grounds quiet on a Saturday afternoon, it feels to me it's endemic of the modern game that home support is quiet these days and even though vastly outnumbered the away support often make all the noise. Are your fan groups doing anything to combat the shush and quiet brigade? Should the travelling Kop fear being subjected to a drowning out all afternoon?

Obadiah: No, but watch out for the West Stand. If they start you've no chance of being heard.

RichardCheatham: No terracing, no atmosphere. Better in the pub to be honest.

Pollysbodyparts: Not doing much, really. We really need to take a leaf out of Man U's book, and establish a singing area. Shouldn't be hard to do, but it seems that it is. On Sunday, there will be a good atmosphere for a bit, but if you go 1-0 up it'll be silent until such time as we equalise. When things don't go well, we tend to clam up. 

Smallvoice: Shhhhh...nearly dropped me flask.

6. Onto the match! Which players are currently on form, who should we be looking out for?

Obadiah: When we play well we play as a team. They all pull together which makes us hard to play against. 

RichardCheatham: Watch out for Alex Bruce and Aaron Mclean. Mustard.

Pollysbodyparts: Looking at the last couple of games, very few are on form. We're struggling to create anything at the moment, even with Hudd spraying it around. We're missing Aluko, and Brady still aint right after his injury. If we don't improve no end you'll stuff us.

Smallvoice: Form players injured...

7. What sort of system to you expect Fathead Bruce, to employ at your home ground? Will he look to try and contain us or will offence be the best form of defence?

Obadiah: We'll try and play football. 

RichardCheatham: Its a 2-3-5 formation. 2 Wingers and 2 inside forwards from City. Your defenders (defence with Johnson in, fuck me) will shit in their pants.

Pollysbodyparts: There's absolutely no doubt that he'll go for it. It's been the most refreshing thing about Bruce. Some in the game dismissed him as an old school dinosaur, but his tactical nous took us all by surprise, and his willingness to play nice football, with the ball on the deck. Last season, some of our football was breathtaking. Granted, it was the Championship, but they were great to watch. Whether we can be good enough to get and keep the ball long enough to actually carry out this attacking philosophy on Sunday is another thing, though. 

Smallvoice: We will look to control possession...and limit our shooting to one attempt per half.

8. Have you been impressed with any of LFC's players this term? If you were allowed to have one on your side for the day who would it be?

Obadiah: None, we want to win more than one match.

RichardCheatham: Liverpool are shite mate. Jordan Henderson. Remind me what he does for a living again?

Pollysbodyparts: I work with three local c*nts who support LFC and talk about them all the time. Sometimes it's all I can do to keep myself from punching the nearest wall at the mention of your club and its players, so I'm sure you'll understand when I say I honestly couldn't give a fuck about any of 'em.

Smallvoice: The little Brazilian midfielder looks decent..Cuntru?

9. Score prediction?

Obadiah: 1 - 1

RichardCheatham: 3 - 0 to City, if you are lucky. Bit more even in the car park as City are a bit windy sometimes when spread out.

Pollysbodyparts: Futile.

Smallvoice: Depends...but if your struggling Club VIP on hessle road will allow Scousers in, as long as you pay first.

10. And finally, where do you expect each team to finish in the league this year?

Obadiah: Which team Hull City or Hull Tigers?

RichardCheatham: Top. I already answered that. You deaf or daft.

Pollysbodyparts: I have no expectations for us; I just hope we stay up. As for your lot; see my response to question 8.

Smallvoice: I think that may depend on points accrued after all the games have been played.

Just for balance though, so that you don't think all the Hull fans as quite so articulate, I thought I'd throw in a few of my other favourite responses....

Quote from: TenfootTiger
Fuck off  Scouse c*nt!
Quote from: hongkongfooi
Burn them at the gates
Quote from: Hovetiger
I hate the c*nts....some of the shittiest, sneaky little scumbag fans around in my experience.  Salt of the earth, famous sense of humour, our Cilla etc my arse

I'm sure you'll agree, a smashing bunch all round and some of the most knowledgeable fans I've come across!

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