Spyin' Kop: Everton v Liverpool

Posted by Corkboy on November 20, 2013, 08:14:48 PM

Liverpool v Everton Derby Edition Spyiní Kop


This weekís Spion Kop is a little different (and short). My neighbour Joe is a Blue born and bred in Crosby, who unfortunately had to leave Liverpool. Happily, luck followed him as he managed not only to find a nice Irish girl but also carve out a life in Cork, a dream shared by billions. Answers this week are from him and his sons Thomas (12) and Odhran (6), both of whom inherited their Dadís allegiances.

What did you think of Moyes? Sorry to see him go?

Thomas: He did well given the resources.
Odhran: He was a grumpy Scotsman!
Joe: Not really sorry. Negative tactics, late subs and a failure to blood new talent.

Favourite current Everton player?

T: Barkley
O: Baines
J: Baines.

Favourite ever Everton player?

T: Dixie Dean (Iíve seen youtubes!)
J: Martin Dobson
O: Popcorn! [Thatís not an Everton player, Odhran] Ok, Baines!

Is it hard being an Everton fan in Ireland when there arenít that many? (for Thomas and Odhran)

T: Doesnít bother me.
O: Yes. I donít really like people who donít like Everton.

Where do you think Liverpool will finish this season?

J: 6th
T: 3rd
O: 7th

And Everton?

J: 5th
T: 4th
O: 1st!

What do you think of Martinez?

J: Very positive attitude, like him, and without the rubbish that Brendan Rodgers comes out with. What kind of person has a massive portrait of themselves in their own house?
T: Good manager, did very well at Wigan.
O: Teeny bit bad. [would not say why]

Who is Liverpoolís best player right now?

J: Coutinho
T: Coutinho
O: Suarez

And finally, who will win the league?

J: Chelsea
T: Arsenal
O: Everton!

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