RAWK Round Table: Sunderland 1-3 Liverpool

Posted by Hinesy on September 29, 2013, 08:03:02 PM

Welcome back Luis. For all your shenanigans we are but hypocrites and your redemption started here if not Wednesday. Toure meanwhile already looks to me an important part of the team. A 'cultural leader' as Sven Göran Eriksson used to look out for. Gerrard again will split opinion as will my opinion that Henderson needs not only shooting practice but passing practice and a couple of pints with Luis talking about the concept of space and movement.

Still, a win against a Sunderland team free of the fascist shackles is a good thing after our week.

This 'new' formation:
Is it viable? How long do we give it to see if the double S's can accommodated?
How secure is Simon in goal? He reminds me a bit of Sander and Dracula. Terrified of crosses.
How long will teeth puns be used?

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