Round Table Manchester Utd 1-0 LFC. League Cup

Posted by Hinesy on September 25, 2013, 09:50:30 PM

This reminded me of the S'oton game, one lucky moment one way and missed chances the other. Some positives and a shit result.

Sturridge, Suarez and Moses worked well together. Some of the attacking fluency was lovely to see. The relationship between Sturridge and Suarez is kindling nicely and seems to herald good things. Toure has settled in well, he was furthest forward a number of times, and but for De Gea making a couple of great saves, it could have been very different.

The same is also true of Mignolet though and once again let down by defending set pieces. Henderson needs to practice shooting. A lot. Gerrard needs protecting a little more than he gets and the margins of 1-0 works as well for us as against us.

Overall, I'm excited for a season where the attack looks sharp and exciting, the reality check of the last 7 days has perhaps reminded us to go forward cautiously but certainly.

Onwards and upwards. PS Giggs can still fuck off.

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