RAWK Eye Witness: LFC v Utd: The one where you stand up for the whole match.

Posted by Hinesy on September 2, 2013, 09:56:20 PM

Make some noise for David Moyes, that footballing genius of.... wait, no, today is not about gloating, well not that much anyway, its about remembering and enjoying and commemorating all the great things about LFC and Bill Shankly and what he brought to our club. He didn't just make the people happy, he made us great.

Great perhaps not in current trophies, but great in a sense that he fostered a culture at Liverpool that was just that cultured. We have a fantastic heritage, and not just in the nostalgic rosy tinted days of glory, but also in the sense that (most) Liverpool fans are steeped in what's right, what's the proper way, and what it is to support the mighty reds.
And so, yes I'll come to the match, but as ever, that point of the RAWK Eye Witness is to bring a little different perspective to the game, not a match report, but a personal retort to the bland and witless.

And so we go back some weeks, when Royhendo, MichaelA and I agreed now that we had happily come by 3 spares for the game against that shower down the East Lancs Road; that we should get up early and stop by en route at Shankly's Memorial, which for those not in the know (sit up at the back), is in Glenbuck. Ayrshire. That's Scotland. South West Scotland, a no longer there mining village.

But work and life gets in the way of a good Shankly saying, and so it was that only two of us, MichaelA and myself found ourselves too lazy to get up early and without the admirable Royhendo who was probably still drinking in Liverpool itself.

Meeting up outside the flagpole, I like on match days to get in early, especially against Utd, just to shout at them really more than anything else, but by the time we were in, it was only 15mins before kick off. Time enough to work out we had a white bit of paper to hold up

Of course there was only really one image on the programme cover too:

and the opposition were missing most of their villains, no Fergie, no Rooney and I still miss reminding Gary Neville certain aspects of his love life.

No matter, the Utd fans were quiet. Kind enough to join in the minute's applause for Shankly, although the whole ground was
reverberating to "Shankly, Shankly, Shankly, Shankly" and it would have been hard to hear a jet fighter never mind anything else.
It was lovely to see Shank's family on the sidelines and a real treat to see the place properly jumping again.

Onto the match:
Of course we stood up. I was next to a kid of probably about 8 who was stood on his chair the entire game, so the loudspeaker pleas to sit down for the child's sake can get to fuck. Only the hungover and lazy would sit at this game, Royhendo managing to stand thereby proving he was neither ;)

The flags were real, homemade and massive and our manager didn't need to encourage us to make some noise.: Jose take note.
Watching Utd play always is a nervous activity, but I genuinely think most of us felt the lack of Fergie's prescence. Some of that mystique has gone, leaving in its place, or rather revealing in its place, the true bitter nature of some of his players. Van Pursestrings truly is a nasty wanker, Ashley Young falling like an eager autumn tree leaf and Evra just being, well "There's only one lying bastard" went the chant.

We scored early doors but there was only probably about 20 minutes of nail biting at the end. We defended and we didn't come out enough and we didn't attack enough and Sterling looked like a anorexic mosquito against their defence but then what the fuck do I know. We won. 5 minutes of Fergie Time. Sorry, Moyes' Minutes but we were singing and cheering.

Half time saw the usual zonal raking. Anfield playing a 3 man raking sweep across the penalty box.

And so off we went back up the road, and thought fuck the rain, we're off to Glenbuck. MichaelA and I rang 606 and got them to call us when we were there. Hopefully I praised Shankly the right way, and it was a lovely moment to be in the rain, at this tiny Memorial, literally in the middle of nowhere on a day he would've approved of. Fast passing football, resolute defence and beating the blues and mancs all at the same time. Fucking lovely.

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