Round Table - Fulham 1-3 Liverpool

Posted by royhendo on May 13, 2013, 06:41:02 AM

Gotta love the aways at Craven Cottage eh? Anyway, this was nice from Woof.

Here we are on high value entertainment again as we pulverised a team which have lost in 4 previous home games and managed to garner only 1 point in 7. It's not belittling our efforts or the opponent's apparent weakness or state of mind but it's the story of this season. We crush the minnows but struggle against top sides. Should this be a concern? Not really. I'd rather we learned to create and score goals first and then work on the defensive frailties. It seems the right thing to do after a 'disastrous' last season where we defended well but couldn't score to win games we should have won. Had BR done the same thing as Rafa when he took over the reigns i.e., build from the back, he wouldn't be as popular as he is now but that's not to say he's been accepted unanimously by the Liverpool supporters.

In terms of entertainment value, this was mostly all eye candy. I thought before Fulham scored, we actually played well - tight in midfield and defence and we passed crisply. When the sucker punch came (I felt sorry for Wisdom - he looked very nervous and played like a schoolboy but that's understandable), we deserted our passing game. Fortuitously, Wisdom's long punt found Sturridge and boy, he was just in the mood on the day. He could have easily scored a double hattrick with one or two assists. He didn't tuck away the easy ones but his finishing for the second and third goals was class. His control for a striker is excellent.

I thought our midfield did well without Gerrard. Shelvey is a long way off from being Gerrard's replacement but he showed some promise. He tends to dwell a couple of seconds too long when in a position to score. It was brave for BR to leave Enrique on the bench and he's equally brave and prudent to bring him on in the second half. When he came on, he was like a rock. The finest left back we have of recent memory. Lucas did a solid job as did Hendo. Carra was solid again. Coates was lucky to remain in the match. He still has much to learn and I hope he will 'get there'. Pepe pulled off another world class save to deny Fulham the equaliser at 2-1. I hope he stays. Downing put in a solid performance again. Nothing spectacular but just very solid. He put in a few very good crosses and could have scored one himself. Borini was unlucky not to score. Hope he can remain injury free.

The last praise goes to, IMO, joint MOTM, Coutinho. Give him space and he'll create something. He may not have Suarez's bag of tricks but his vision and quick thinking is second to none in the team. We will have a bright future if we can find someone to replace Gerrard and have Coutinho play between the new Gerrard and our frontline. 2 assists and he almost scored one.

So, that hints at our questions I think.

1. We are high on entertainment value, aren't we? Are we in danger of being fun to support next season?

2. How did we manage the midfield and defence while starting with the 3 at the back? Did you pine for Gerrard? Did you like the system?

3. How did the fringe players do in staking their claims?

4. Sturridge and last but not least, Coutinho. I suppose that needs a question mark, so here's one?

Over to you guys.

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