Spyin' Kop: Fulham Liverpool 12 May 2013

Posted by Corkboy on May 7, 2013, 12:15:04 PM


15:00 Sunday 12th May, Craven Cottage

This week's Kop de Spyin' is brought to us by a mate of mine, Bill, who is a Fulham ST holder, lives locally and does not do football forums or fansites. It's a short one, I think he did it from the back of a cab. Me and Bill have gone to many Fulham Liverpool games together, at the Cottage and also at Loftus Road for a time, and we were supposed to go to this one too but events conspired against me.

How has your season gone? Above, below or bang on expectations?

Below expectations. Biggest problem was we lost the entire midfield from last year by the end of the August transfer window. Dembele and Dempsey left very late and Danny Murphy and Dixon Etuhu left earlier leaving us very light in midfield. Diarra missing practically the entire season hasnít helped.

Who have been your best/worst players?

Berbatov has been lots and lots of fun to watch but not too sure if his attitude is good for the overall team and I would prefer to have kept Dembele. Sasha Reither has been excellent particularly in the second half of the season.

Donít have a worst player Ė Iím a Fulham fan, we like most of our players.

Berbatov deserves a question all his own. Was he a surprise to you, or did you always know he would be a pleasure to watch?

See above heís fun and does amazing things and was better than I thought. Always puts in a good shift but I sometimes wonder about the impact on the team of his overt signs of frustration

Martin Jol. Good natured Mafia enforcer or Amsterdam brothel keeper?

Like Jol, tries to get the team playing the right way but I do worry that we are in very serious danger of going down now. Need to get another 3 points, preferably against Liverpool on Sunday.

Are Chelsea still your Number 1 most hated club, or do they have competition?

I donít like them, but itís easily QPR. They hate us back which is important. The whole Hughes situation, him leaving us for a ďbiggerĒ club made their collapse so, so, so funny. Also, I donít like Redknapp.

Chelsea donít really care about us they concentrate on hating bigger teams and it's hard to have a rival that doesnít consider you a rival. See England and Ireland, USA and Canada (I was going to say Liverpool and Man U but thought that would be cruel!).

Howís Crazy Mo Fayed?

Love him. Converted all his loans to equity this year. Obviously loves the club. A model owner, I think every club would love to have him.

Most memorable Fulham Liverpool game? Remember that 2-4? Eh? Remember? Eh? Marvellous.

A few years back. I think we won 3-0. Carragher was sent off and I think someone else was too.

What do you think of Suarez?

c*nt. Horrible little racist who bites people.

Brendan Rodgers. Zen master or David Brent?

Donít care about him. Donít care about Moyes, Donít care about Steve Clarke.

Who will you hope isnít on the Liverpool team sheet?

Well with Suarez out, Iím not too sure who else is consistently excellent for Liverpool so Iíll say Gerrard.

If you could have one current Liverpool player for FulhamÖ?

Wouldnít want any.

Jamie Carragher's last game for the club. Thoughts on him as a player?

Overrated and slow, gets plaudits from English fans and media for getting in the way of things, when it was usually bad positioning in the first place.
Finally, prediction?

I reckon weíll lose 0-2 on our way out of the league. The championship is a great league anyway. I have to renew my season ticket today so I will get more games for the money!

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