Liverpool FC vs Everton. The Preview. Sun 5th May 1.30 pm (Home)

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The Derby. Itís here and I donít mean the horsey one either. Itís the one against the fellas with the wooden shed. Where beating relegation is celebrated and shoved in your face right outside the perimeter of the ground as is the unceremonious and somewhat nerving face of David Moyes. Celebrated by the blue half of the city as a messiah whoíll deliver them to dizzy heights and the cup that doesnít exist.

Have your 10 more years of him. Or 10 more days. I donít think we care other than when itís worth a chuckle or two. He makes it so easy. Vill some vun pleeze teach him zee Germahn? I mean Nuremberg and Schalke are on high alert here. Monchengladbach have already said he can do one. The Norwegian Everton fan though is already looking forward to a 14+ hour ferry ride and then few hours drive. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum for this fella!

So welcome to Anfield. Or that place with trophies and winning and things like that. We welcomed you last year with open arms and 3-0 drubbing to help your 10 year celebrations. We welcome you again. A lot us happened since then. Some of it things no one should ever forget. Youíve stood with us over the last 24 years and undoubtedly would stand with us, as we would we you ,for many more to come. For that there is a thanks which cannot be said in words alone

But there is a rivalry. We have recently had a 15 year old who reached the summit of forums in RAWK, cos Grand Old wotsit was a bit too much for him, and suggested that man for man you were better than us. Once our laughter and pisstaking subsided he did ask for forgiveness due to his age however Iím just not sure there will be enough to save the upbringing but miracles do happen. I mean you once finished above us ;) Bill does dabble in the amateur dramatics so I guess comedy runs in the Everton blood. Given the clowns already coming I don't think you need to bring the one who had the cake. Save him for the end of season party. Someone to laugh at to forget the pain of the septic splinter in the arse  8)

There are some humdinger derbies to be fair. I was born in 1977. Of course one of the favourite ones of mine is the stuff of legends.

He scored 4 that day on the way to a 5-0 win. What a win to recall too!

Lets not forget the FA Cup a little later in the 80s. Not once but twice.

Yeah he loved to torment them didnít he?!

For you 90ís children of course there are some memories the 80ís kids will never forget!

To think it went from this in 2-1 win

To this by 99. And they wonder why we hate the FA!!!

Iím going to take a break here from the images as, well, this is a preview and lets not get carried away in all the imagery so you donít think about the lack of writing ;D

Everton have been strong this year. Iíll give them that and not much else. Loads of teams want Leighton Baines. Theyíll convince you everyone wants Fellaini. Theyíll doubley convince you Moyes is wanted by Real Madrid and Man Utd too. I very obviously donít need to convince anyone that Luis Suarez is wanted by the world over as well as the FA. Most of all heís wanted by us. Only one of these names aforementioned by the way has picked up silverware in this country. HaÖ one of those names has been trying for over 10 years.

What should we expect? Last year they told us it would be action packed with what can only be called bone crunching tackles and so on. It was action packed for us. Stevie G with a hat-trick. The only crunching that happened was that of numbers being texted to maís all over the land, Wales I think. The Norwegian had lost his mobile earlier in the day whilst tweeting Tim Cahill and then remembering he'd left you. I think Hibbert nicked his phone but we can't be sure.

3 Ė 0. Tell yer ma. Again.

The 2-2 draw at Woodison was daylight robbery. He may not be on the pitch to take his revenge but like bad boys life we ride together, we dive together.

Just like this please Coutinho ;D

Everton? Mighty Red says bring it! Sort yer nelly out while your at it! For all that is holy in the world. Forget summer transfer kitty and all that jazz sort this monstrosity out. At least ours doesn't make it to the pitch to ruin Peter McDowall's day!

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