Liverpool v Everton Spyin' Kop - Carra's Last Stand

Posted by macca888 on May 1, 2013, 09:27:02 PM

Liverpool v Everton Derby Edition Spyin’ Kop



Sunday 5th May 2013

Kick Off:  Off the pitch, probably about 11.30am in the boozers. 1.30pm on the pitch.

So it’s derby day again, and depending on your feelings, it’s got a little bit more importance than the last one. Firstly it’s Carragher’s last one, so I’d love us to give him something to remember. Secondly, and this one I’m not particularly arsed about meself because I couldn’t give a shite about the “finishing above Everton” trophy any more, but it’ll go a long way to helping us finish above them. What I’d hate is to beat them and then get turned over by Fulham or QPR and still finish below them so they can pull out the “it didn’t matter anyway” shite that will inevitably come our way. So what do our toffee nosed counterparts think about Sunday. Are they going to astound us and agree that they’d be hypocrites if they had a player as good as Luis? Why do they think Mancini is such a little bitch? Will they be wailing into their pints in the Winslow or lap dancing in the Lisbon? All these and more are answered below.

Firstly, thanks to all the members from It’s A Grand Old Team for their contributions. They’re mostly a lot of good lads on there and I had a real laugh doing this Spyin’ Kop, with one or two notable exceptions (and it really was only one or two) who were absolute gobshites. In all fairness though, all forums have got their fair share of utter cocks and we’re no different. I have to give a special thank you to Groucho and Bruce Wayne for allowing the enemy onto their site for a few days to do this and for their help. I purposely didn’t do family or mates for this one because although I tried, they took the piss too much and I was in serious danger of falling out with one of my cousins, the bad fucking tit. My auld fella is currently recuperating at home after giving me his responses. I want it stated on record that when his health deteriorates, I won’t be looking after him. One-way Easyjet to Switzerland for that fucker.  Three things to note though: a lot of them don’t like RAWK very much; I don’t think Suarez is going to get any of their votes for Fans Player Of The Year; and they think Andy@Allerton is a bad tit! So truth be told, nothing that we didn’t all know anyway. Oh and one other thing, they’d mostly prefer to have heads like a 70’s porn minge than look like an extra on Miami Vice. I was always a Paul Bracewell short back and sides with a Brylcreem quiff myself, after my “Perm-back Mountain” experiment went horribly wrong. Come Sunday night after the flurry of texts and calls one way or the other, we’ll be back to being mates again as is the usual twice (sometimes more) yearly ritual. With it being the derby Spyin Kop and one of the last ones of the season, I’ve left it all in there. So, here’s a very long Spyin’ Kop for your perusal (unless any of the mods want to chop it down a bit?) Enjoy.

1. So it’s been a good season for you so far. What will you be happy with for the rest of the season and over the summer? How do you see next season panning out for you?

Ihaters:   Average season to be honest, considering we don't spend the vast fortunes your managers do I guess it’s been a good season managerially, typically poor by the board. Average overall. Next season will be the same as this season... which was very similar to last season... and the one before that. We don't spend, we don't improve, thanks to Moyes we don't go backwards. Still could be worse, we could spend lots and still go backwards.

Roydo:  Next season? Depends on the summer, as always. *yawn*

Artetafan:   Been a crap season, mate. Just not quite as crap as yours is all. No trophies, no Europe, crap surrender in the FA cup. You're not the only club with high expectations like. All we have left to play for is to shut you guys up by winning the derby or at least finishing above you. Next season is a mystery until we know who's going to be managing us.

Baines’ Left Foot:  It's been a decent season, but it could have been much more had we not dropped so many points in the 90th minute, we could still be in the race for 4th place and should have put away Wigan to get to the FA Cup semi final. Next season, who knows? It depends on if Moyes goes or stays, who his possible replacement will be, whether any other clubs come in for our players etc... If I was to make a prediction now though, I'd say 7th.

Brennan:   I'd like us to finish above your lot, of course. In the league it has been a good season, but the cup defeat to Wigan put a sour note on it to be honest. This summer is massive for us really, we need to buy and buy strongly to push on and try and get in and amongst the top 5.

MoutsGoat:  It hasn’t been a great season, it’s been a season that promised so much, but as usual gave us very little back. It’s looking unlikely we will make Europe and we have won fuck all; great seasons don’t end that way. Just wanna end the season unbeaten now, that’s all I can ask. Next season will depend on the summer, Moyes staying and what players we get in/lose.

DanEFC92:  Been a bit of a poor one really, missed opportunities galore. It's been a bit better than yours but not by much. Happy with 3 wins like! A new striker must be priority, Moyes to sign a new deal and if not get a decent replacement. Who knows, same again probably.

BlueJock:  It's really not been that good a season, we've dropped far too many points in games we should be winning and the cup exit was abysmal.

ToffeeMike:   Good season but inconsistent, failed to strengthen in January has cost us Champions League and even Europa League. I hope Moyes stays and Kenwright gives him some transfer funds out of the TV deal.

Christiffa25:  Considering we don't spend any money yes it's been a good season as far as the league is concerned. Would of liked to have got some European footy but the board let us down in Jan and the Wigan defeat in the cup has left a bad taste as far as this season goes. Next season all depends on Moyes staying and having some decent amount of cash to spend. Give him the Fellaini transfer money and 10M of TV money and no doubt we will finish above you lot again.

Eric Djemba-Djemba:  It's been a decent season but no Europe or silverware again, still better than yours like.

ToffeeDan:   I expect 5 points from the rest of the season - perhaps 4. 6th place looks pretty likely bar a loss at Anfield and Lpool picking up 3 wins (with Fulham totally lethargic last week it's not that improbable to see 2 wins for Lpool in their other two games.) It would be a bit of a travesty to miss out on 6th place but one slip and... As far as the summer goes much depends on what Moyes decides to do. In the absence of any other assumptions would hope to add to the squad and look to move 2 or 3 regular starters towards bench duties. That would be a positive - as would not losing Baines (1st) and Fellaini (2nd).

Nigelcoyb:  Normal Moyes season with the new striker (Jelavic) dissolving into porridge and choking against lesser teams in the cups (like last year’s semi...ahem!)

SunKing:  It's been an underwhelming season really. I'd be happy with finishing 5th or higher, if not I'll feel indifferent. We have a big summer with possible management/player departures. Personally I'd be happy with keeping the majority of the squad and adding a top quality striker, the difference between us finishing in the top 4 and not.

Zaschrona:  I don't think it was a good season for us at all. Missed opportunity. Top 4 were really close for us, but we failed in the easiest matches we got unfortunately. I would take at least a point from the derby; I want a win against West Ham and a point against Chelsea. So 5 points. The next season we will be boss. Moyes is able to do wonders with money and he will get at least TV money for sure.

Witchdoc187:    I imagine we will sell Fellaini and get in a couple of other unknowns. We will probably finish somewhere between 6th and 8th and have a half decent cup run ended by a team that we are better than on paper again. This season we won’t finish it top 5 so it’s all about the battle for the coveted 6th position with you.

2. Chimp Boy Bale has won all the gongs this season despite being garbage for 89 minutes of most games. Were you all a bit pissed off that Leighton Baines wasn’t even in the running considering he’s probably been the best defender in the league this year? Who would you have given the player and young player awards to, firstly from Everton and then from the rest of the league?

Ihaters:   Baines for our player, Coleman/Anichebe young player, RVP player of the season.

Roydo:  On Baines/PFA award. A bit surprised, but not that arsed really. Our young player? Coleman.

Artetafan:  Baines is probably our best player. We don't really play young players, though so I'll leave that blank. Mata or RVP for player of the year. Benteke for young player.

Baines’ Left Foot:   Baines has been fantastic as always this season but he's been a little quiet lately. I'm fairly sure that's because he's played I think every single minute of every game this season (bar Leeds cup game). Defenders rarely get a nomination so I was neither surprised nor bothered really. If it was up to me then I would have picked either Bale or Van Persie with Benteke or Hazard getting young player. Most probably Benteke.

Brennan:  I'd like to see more focus put on the best defensive players in the league for sure, although I don't personally think Baines has been as good this season as he was last year. He's certainly the best fullback overall, in my opinion. Player of the year would have gone to Suarez based on actual footballing performances, although I don't feel he deserved it after the bite incident and the many other things he's done this season that have gone unnoticed by the referees.

Player of the year Everton: Baines
Young Player Everton: Ross Barkley
Young Player of the year: Benteke

MoutsGoat:  I thought the chimp played well, I would have given the award to Van Penis myself, Baines made the team of the Year, so I’m fairly happy on that count, he’s been excellent, but best player in the League? Not for me, VERY close though, best LB in World Football? Without a doubt. Young player I would have given to Benteke.

DanEFC92:  Bit yeah, more deserving a place than Carrick and Hazard. Baines and Oviedo for us and Probably RVP and young player would be Benteke for the rest of the league.

BlueJock:  Think Bale was a fair shout for POTY, he's carried Spurs to where they are almost single handedly and that's no mean feat. Young player should have been Benteke, all day long. For Everton, it's hard to pick. After his early wobbles, I'd be tempted to say Coleman for POTY and no one for young player because we don't play them.

ToffeeMike:  Baines deserved to be in with a shout but there were more deserving players like Michu, Benteke etc... So I'm not too disappointed by it but at least he was in TOTY.

Christiffa25:  Bale has been very good this season, he's carried Spurs on his own at times so have no grudge him winning a award. Really don't think same player should get both though. Personally would of picked Bale - young and RVP - player. As for us Coleman - young and Baines – player.

Eric Djemba-Djemba:  Player - Baines Young - Barkley Rest of the League - RVP and Benteke

ToffeeDan:   Not especially, defenders get such a poor press anyway. As far as the award goes: From Everton - Baines and no-one (unless Coleman is young enough). From the rest of the league probably Bale and Benteke.

Nigelcoyb:  can't knock Bale this year - streets ahead. Seamus Coleman and Bale.

SunKing:  I didn't think Baines would be anywhere near the nominations to be honest. Unfortunately goals and mazy runs are more recognised than world class full backs. I think the decision was pretty fair, ok bale goes in fits and starts but he literally drags spurs through games. Our POTY for me is Baines, YPOTY - Coleman. I'd have probably give the POTY to RVP though and YPOTY to Benteke.

Zaschrona:  I don't think Baines was close this season, he was better in last 2 seasons for sure. And I think Bale deserves his prices, he was in an amazing form all season long and especially last 2 or 3 months. I would give Bale both prices probably as well. From Everton, our player of the season is probably Fellaini, the young player Coleman.

Witchdoc187:   Baines has tailed off a bit in recent weeks. Doesn’t seem to be playing with the same urgency but is still a fantastic player. I would give Coleman our young player and probably Fellaini though he has been a dick at times notably Stoke away and Wigan in the cup.

3. The FA now, and I may as well get it out the way. What did you think of Suarez biting Ivanovic and what did you make of the ten game ban – harsh, fair or not long enough?

Ihaters:  Would be harsh if in isolation but when you consider his past record of biting, stamping, over the top leg breakers, diving, cheating, eye gauging, kicking and general wish to damage players.. It’s very hard to feel sorry for him. Wish it had been more to make up for his past record. Good players but a massive wanker.

Roydo:  Utter tit. Been a scum ball all his career, and if he didn’t play for you, you would agree if you are honest. Never seen him tackle, just seen him rake, stamp, and bite. Ten game ban about right IMO.

Artetafan:  He got seven matches the first time he did it and then did it again. Had to be more. Ten seems reasonable.

Baines’ Left Foot:  I think it was fair as he got a 7 game for exactly the same offence whilst in the Eredivisie so it was always going to be more than that. I don't think Liverpool fans can have any complaints whatsoever and all this media/Fergie/Conservative government crying is a bit embarrassing to yourselves.

Brennan:  Ten game ban justified, because of his past indiscretions and clear lack of contrition. Boss player, total wanker.

MoutsGoat:  In isolation, the ban seems a tad harsh, but only just, the little rat needs to learn he can’t go biting people, kicking people, diving like a little rat. Thankfully the complete vermin will leave this summer and I can forget about him, he’s ruining English football.

DanEFC92:  Silly boy, deserved it but would like to see retrospective action happening more often.

BlueJock:  He's a tremendous footballer but an absolute holocaust of a human being. Hopefully he'll leave in the summer because there's no place for his behaviour in the game. I honestly think 15 or 16 games would've been about right.

ToffeeMike:  Thought the ban was fair considering he's done it once already in Holland, let’s just hope that doesn't happen again as it is ruining the Premier League's reputation.

Christiffa25:  Disgusting actions from a disgusting player. Thought the ban was about right taking everything into consideration. What does the guy expect...a lesser ban every time he bites someone!

Eric Djemba-Djemba:  Not long enough. He's bitten someone twice now. The last time he got 7 games and in-between he's racially abused Evra, 15 games would've been fair.

ToffeeDan:   FA is a law unto itself but 10 games is about right - too little has been made of the advantage Suarez sought (a penalty it would seem). There's no place for that sort of thing - the heat of battle challenges are what they are - some are, unfortunately over-zealous. Anything that crossed the boundary beyond that has to be dealt with. I would hope that, now the FA has the power to take extraordinary action for overlooked matters, that refs can be honest in their post-match assessments without recourse to being relegated to lower league duty and the authorities can act with decorum, irrespective of who they are dealing with. Some people are bound to make comparisons with Fellaini's behaviour at Stoke - bad though it was it was the culmination of frustration at dealing with a thug (Shawcross, surely the worst 1 cap wonder in England history) - his behaviour was frankly embarrassing, more so because it was so obvious and half-arsed.

Nigelcoyb:  Suarez is a cracking player but a complete tool - wish we had him. 10 games was fair.

SunKing:  I thought the ban was excessive, but I also thought the act was horrendous. I still cannot fathom why anyone would ever do that, the lad is a loose cannon. Let’s face it, even though the panel were meant to judge the bite as an isolated incident you just can’t help but look at his past and come to the decision that he's just a wrongun who needs a serious wake-up call, along with his club.

Zaschrona:  I think Luis is an amazing player, but he completely deserves everything what happens him in the last season or two. This ban is quite harsh, but nothing happened to him for his awful challenges on Distin and Mirallas in last derby so at least he got something for that in this way.

Witchdoc187:  He's dragged your team through the mud again and I am surprised the club has stood for it. I used to think no-one was bigger than the club they played for but this appears to have changed. 10 games in harsh in itself but when taken into context with everything else he has done it’s about right. Class player obviously.

4. The derby at your place was a bit mad wasn’t it? Mirallas running us ragged, Suarez showing everyone that he tackled like Paul Scholes, Sterling trying his best to get sent off, someone other than Suarez getting booked for diving, and a last second goal wrongly given offside (or correctly depending on your side of the park.) Do you think it was a fair result, and what did you honestly think of Suarez’s celebration?

Ihaters:  Didn't care about the celebration because it was put in the shadows by Moyes reaction to it. Actual class instead of the faux outrage and moral indignation that comes from across the park whenever you do something wrong. Much like Neville’s dive. Goal should of stood but it was barely a challenge on Gerrard, Coates was lying on Jagielka's head when he passed it was to a player who should of been sent off twice. Dunno you tell me, personally I think that was not even close to justice, should of been 10 men v 9 in our favor for nearly the entire match.

Roydo:  Thought the Suarez celebration was a bit tittish to be honest, and, yeah it was offside, but he shouldn’t have been on it any rate.

Artetafan:  The goal was never offside which was hilarious and wonderful. Mind it wasn't a free kick and Suarez should have been sent off before that for trying to cripple Mirallas and Distin but hey one decision in our favour in a derby is still an improvement. A draw was fair enough on balance, Suarez's celebration was just panto stuff it was the trying to injure people that annoyed me.

Baines’ Left Foot:  Suarez deliberately tried to take Mirallas (he succeeded) and Distin out of the game. Mirallas was causing you all sorts of problems so he thought he'd take him out of the game. Literally. Distin, being quite a fast CB, was thwarting most of Suarez's runs so he decided to try and take him out of the game also. Absolutely no way he didn't intend to hurt either of those players. He's despicable. Suarez's celebration was daft but I can see why he did it. Although it was kind of like "ME I'M NOT DIVER SO I PRETEND DIVE INSTEAD AHAHA" I thought the result was fair on the balance on the game but I think if Mirallas has finished the game we would have gone home with the 3 points.

Brennan:  Based on the football played it was a fair result, but Suarez should have been off for his stamps on Distin and Mirallas, imo. The Stevie G knee slide was superb....

MoutsGoat:  I thought we did well to get it back to 2-2, I think the rat’s celebration was comical and would have loved to see Moyes volley him in the head as he was diving.

DanEFC92:  Probably should have won really, had a poor 20 minutes at start then bossed it till the end. Wasn't arsed, not sure anyone else is either.

BlueJock:  The disallowed goal was hilarious, simply because it probably should've stood. There was maybe a case for a foul on Jagielka, it shouldn't have been a free kick and the rat shouldn't have been on the pitch but it was all worth it to see the look on tiny forehead's face after he ran the length of the pitch and slid on his knees to celebrate.

ToffeeMike:   Thought it was a fair result but that offside goal should have counted. We were very poor that game despite coming back from 2 goals down, thought we could have played a lot better.

Christiffa25:  Was a strange derby! For a start I couldn't believe we were ever 2 down in that game. Nothing against Suarez's celebration, I'd laugh if one of ours did it, plus Moyes reaction was comical! Can't believe we didn't win that game to be honest, until Mirallas was injured we were mauling you! Suarez should have been off as too Sterling. In the end we were lucky to get the point because of the late disallowed goal but I think justice was done. Oh and it was a foul on Jags anyway, which never seems to get mentioned!

Eric Djemba-Djemba:   Draw was a fair result. The goal at the end was disallowed rightly but for the wrong reason. Suarez is a prick.

ToffeeDan:   Well it makes a change to hear Reds complain about a critical Derby decision surely, after all the Clattenberg, Poll, Thomas et al decisions that seem to go the other way! Still, 2 wrongs don't make a right with Coates all over Jagielka and Suarez patently onside. With so many poor decisions and matters overlooked a draw leaves everyone arguing with something to take away. I'm sure any loser in that match would have been quite sour about all that was missed. The "celebration" by Suarez was just funny. Better than many stupid choreographed ones anyway - but not as funny as Stevie's 90 yard dash!

Nigelcoyb:   fair result. But considering what turmoil you were in prior to the game and our good form it was hilarious to see us predictably dropping our kex again giving you a 2 nil lead before having a go. Suarez celebration was a hoot, I'm all for a bit of 2 fingers to you Kopites so should accept it back

SunKing:  Like most derbies, I didn't enjoy it. The first half was frantic and the second half dull. Suarez was his usual arsehole self, but he also ran Distin ragged again. I’m sure Sylvain is as happy as anyone he won’t be facing the sewer rat. I liked Moyes' reaction after the game about the celebration 'I thought it was brilliant. If I was a player I'd have done it.' I think we all enjoyed Gerrard's celebration in the last minute more though. Still makes me laugh.

Zaschrona:  I quite enjoy it to be honest, as every derby. It is a special match for sure. It was a crazy match as almost every other derby, I think everything you wrote belongs to that match. That celebration was ok I think. Moyes deserved after what he said before the game. This is completely the thing which I can accept from a person like Suarez, I agree with Moyes' words... "It was brilliant". 

Witchdoc187:  Suarez's celebration annoyed the **** out of me but was pretty funny. Fair result and great to finally get a poor decision in our favour against you

5. On to the game now, aside from Baines who from an outsider’s point of view never looks off form, who are the form players and danger men we need to look out for and which of our players are you not looking forward to playing against?

Ihaters:  You need to get Suarez to snap Mirallas, Coleman, Anichebe and Fellaini.

Artetafan:  Baines hasn't been himself in months actually, carrying an injury. Mirallas and Coleman are on form, though. Gerrard always raises his game against us, Sturridge has a goal in him and Coutinho is dangerous if allowed space.

Baines’ Left Foot:  Fellaini for obvious reasons, for me he's our 2nd best player behind Baines. Mirallas and Coleman also. The latter in particular has had a fantastic season. I'm not looking forward to playing against Coutinho to be honest. He looks like a good player and a bit of a steal at £8m.

Brennan:  Mirallas and Fellaini are the obvious ones, but I’d say Coleman will cause you problems if he carries his recent form into this game. That Coutinho looks a player for you, and of course Gerrard is always the one to watch in the derbies. He could be shite for ten games but then boss it against us.

MoutsGoat:   We are playing a bit poo at the moment, our strikers are misfiring and Osman doesn’t have his happy feet on, Fellaini doesn’t look the force he was, the players are tired after a long hard season, a lot of them have played nearly every game. Mirallas will be the 1 to watch, he’s a player. I always fear Stevie Starfish, he ups his game for us and rightly so.

DanEFC92:   Mirallas, Fellaini if he turns it on, Coleman, Anichebe. Coutinho.

BlueJock:   Mirallas. With the ball at his feet, he'll terrify your yard dog back four. Him and Coleman on the right up against Enrique will be hilarious to watch.

ToffeeMike:  I'm not looking forward to that Coutinho bloke having the ball, must close him down as much as possible. Think Mirallas and Pienaar have the potential to cause your fullbacks problems on Sunday. But overall I think Coleman has been playing superb in recent weeks so I think there is a danger to you that your fullbacks could overlook him as a danger.

Christiffa25:  Fellaini and Mirallas will tear you to pieces if on form. Pienaar too... can't remember the last time he was available for a derby game. As always Gerrard is a worry, no doubt he will roll back the years for the derby game.

Eric Djemba-Djemba:   Mirrallas will be dangerous, he's got both pace and skill which is unusual in an Everton player. He was tearing you to shreds until rat face took him out of the game.

ToffeeDan:   Mirallas for the first hour, Victor if in the right mood. Not fancying Coutinho too much as an opponent.

Nigelcoyb:  Mirallas, Anichebe, Pienaar, Fellaini, Gibson, Coleman. The lad Coutinho looks the biz otherwise with Carragher playing on a stretcher and Gerrard piping oxygen via his arse we should win 74 nil

SunKing:   Since Mirallas ripped youz a new one last time round and given his recent form he's probably our biggest threat. If Pienaar plays like on Saturday then he too could cause problems but always seems to have quiet derbies. I'd be extremely wary of giving Coutinho too much space and time on the ball as he will punish us, I sense if you can get in his face early on he may go hiding in games. I always fear Gerrard as well, he could be 40 with one leg and I bet he'd still rifle in an absolute bullet from 80 yards against us.

Zaschrona:  Hopefully Ross Barkley will play and will score against you. And Stevie Gerrard is always the man who plays well against us.

Witchdoc187:  Coleman can now bomb down the right a la Baines adding some balance. Mirallas on his day can cause problems.

6. Where will the game be won or lost for you?

Ihaters:  In the goals?

Artetafan:   It won't be won because we have Moyes in the dugout, it'll be either drawn or lost depending on whether we play with high energy against you or sit back and let you play.

Baines’ Left Foot:  Moyes' tactics/team selection/the referee.

Brennan:  Up front. We'll create chances, the question is whether Anichebe or Jelavic can actually take them.

MoutsGoat:  In the dressing room, if the players believe they can, we will destroy you.

DanEFC92:  Referee performance, us going for it.

BlueJock:  If the referee is strong enough to stand up to the usual snide behaviour.

ToffeeMike:  The Anfield Road end hopefully!

Christiffa25:  No way to tell. It's a Merseyside derby!

Eric Djemba-Djemba:  Won - Mirrallas or Felli. Lost – Moyes.

ToffeeDan:   In the attitude of the manager and whether we can get ahead and play any lead the right way - not retreat into what we have we hold mode.

Nigelcoyb:  The manager’s speech.

SunKing:  I think it will be determined on how Moyes and the players approach the game. High work rate and concentration along with a positive attitude and I really think your beatable. Ultimately, I suspect we'll do as we always have done with Moyes' teams at Anfield. Not a lot.

Zaschrona:  Moyes needs to do something different than every time and we lost the game almost every time. His approach will be the most important thing about the game.

Witchdoc187:  Ref and us bottling it combo

And finally a couple of non-match related questions.

7. You get tied down to a chair in Clippers barbers with a knife held to your throat and you’ve got only three hairstyles to pick from – a Fellaini afro, A Bob Latchford/Graeme Sharp perm or a Phil Neville/Trevor Steven blond highlights and streaks package. Which one do you go for and why?

Ihaters:  Felli... He's the blx

Artetafan:  Felli's afro

Baines’ Left Foot:  A Fellaini afro because that's the least ridiculous one.

Brennan:   Afro, because it's boss.

MoutsGoat:  The Felli, always the Felli, simply cos its boss.

DanEFC92:  Fellaini afro, so I can pretend to be Jules from Pulp Fiction.

BlueJock:  Latchford all day long. He walked on water so who cares what his hair looked like.

ToffeeMike:  Fellaini afro because that is the choice of most modern lad haircuts these days. Felli is my role model.

Christiffa25:'d be rude not to.

Eric Djemba-Djemba:   Felli 'cos he's sound.

ToffeeDan:  I've had a Big Bob perm (circa 1978, embarrassing), my hair looks like Fellaini toned down at the best of times! Neville highlights too embarrassing - Steven at least looked presentable. At least I've got more hair than Ossie or Hibbo! So it's Steven's blond moment from that list.
Nigelcoyb:  Big Bob (he's my hero)

SunKing:  Definitely a Felli fro. Can use it as a cushion on long haul flights.

Zaschrona:  Fellaini all the way.

Witchdoc187:  Trevor Steven because that what I used to ask for in the barbers

8. Red Brick, The Oak or The Winslow for a pre-match bevvy? Lucky's Chippy (the one opposite the paddock exit) or Bing's (the one past St Lukes) for chips and gravy on the way home?

Artetafan:  The Tommy Frost, prefer to grab a burger.

Baines’ Left Foot:   I live over the water and rarely attend games. I'm a self confessed armchair fan so I'll be watching it at home with my hands down my pants.

Brennan:  The Lisbon.

MoutsGoat:   I drive and normally the chippy on County Road.

DanEFC92:  Cheese on toast.

BlueJock:  The Lisbon.

ToffeeMike:  The Oak defo, nothing beats that pre match feeling in there.

Christiffa25:  Hmmm not going. TV for me with plenty of beer!

Eric Djemba-Djemba:    Winslow mate

ToffeeDan:   None of those but probably Black Horse amongst others.

Nigelcoyb:  I have a caravanette and cook sausages while off my head on lager driving down Rice lane stopping for a pish on every pedestrian crossing - so N/A.

Witchdoc187:  Winslow before, now the Oak. No chips and gravy for me.

9. It’s been said that David Moyes has got the cold dead eyes of a Glasgow assassin. Say football eventually got lost up Sky’s backside, the money ran out forever and all the Premier League managers decided to go into bare knuckle boxing to feed the family. Which manager do you think he’d batter to a pulp and which one would give him a hammering and why?

Ihaters:  Mancini for throwing his toys out his pram and trying to start a fight with him when we beat them... yet again.

Artetafan:   Hhe’d smash them all but Lambert would give him the biggest challenge.

Baines’ Left Foot:    He'd destroy that faggot Pochetino and I'd hope he'd maul Adkins too. Oh and how could I forget Alan fucking Pardew. No one would have off our Davey, though.

Brennan:  This is a ridiculous question ffs  He'd batter everybody....

MoutsGoat:  He would utterly destroy Rafa and I doubt there’s a Manager in the League who would get the better of him.

DanEFC92:  He'd batter Mancini amongst others. DiCanio is a bit of a psycho so he could have problems with him.

BlueJock:   Hopefully he'd take on Redknapp, Hughes, Warnock, Wenger and Mancini in a 5 on 1 death match and beat them all to death with Warnock's ripped off arm.

ToffeeMike:  Roberto Mancini or Alan Pardew. No reason for it.

Christiffa25:  Mancini...well we always batter them at everything full stop. Think he'd roll over for his old pal Fergie.

Eric Djemba-Djemba:  He'd batter Mancini, Pardew, Rodgers, Benitez and Redknapp all at once. Honestly don't think any other manager would do Moyes in.

ToffeeDan:  Sky would obviously match him up against Rodgers. He'd bring his own envelop with Brendan's name on it and his death stare would win the match. He'd get hammered by Fergie obviously - at least away from home ground. Come to think of it can I go for Mancini instead of Rodgers?

Nigelcoyb:   He doesn't like Wenger and Mancini so take your pick....Di Canio might do him

SunKing:  Well it's a given that he'd give that short arse Brendan a good hiding. I'd enjoy seeing him give Pardew a good kick up the arse though, can’t stand that div. I reckon martin Jol would be a bit of a bruiser, I mean just look at the size of his head alone.

Zaschrona:  Mancini for sure. He beats him every time, he sold him Rodwell and Lescott for amazing prices, so it has to be him, if nobody else.

Witchdoc187:  Not really thought about it but Mancini would get a bruising.

10. And finally, your realistic and honest predictions for the score.

Ihaters:   Ref will send off one of ours because of another Gerrard dive and you'll be allowed to play with twelve... Therefore 1-1

Roydo:  Head says 1-0 you lot, heart and form says 1-1 or 1-2.

Artetafan:  1-1

Baines’ Left Foot:   1-1, Mirallas and Sturridge being the scorers.

Brennan:  2-1 to us. It's about time we beat you at the pit.

MoutsGoat:   3-0 Everton

DanEFC92:  2-2

BlueJock:  2-1 Everton. Hope we toy with your team like an Outback rapist toys with a startled backpacker though. And when you go back to RAWK, could you let Andy@Allerton know that he's a massive tit? Ta mate.   ;D

ToffeeMike:  Going for a very tight 2-2 draw, but I've also got a sneaky feeling we'll nick it 2-1 depending on Moyes 89th minute tactic.

Christiffa25:  Doesn’t matter what form either is in or who has the best team (Everton), Liverpool win at Anfield.

Eric Djemba-Djemba:   1-1

ToffeeDan:  3 goals - someone to get 2 someone else to get 1.

Nigelcoyb:  We will take the lead in the first half and Moyes will be shouting "get back, get back ya c*nts" and you will score 3 in injury time one coming from the ref and one coming off Suarez teeth protruding from the stands - Gerrard of course netting.

SunKing:   Heart says 2-1 us. Head says 2-1 to you.

Zaschrona:  Heart says 6-0 us. Head says 0-3 to you.

Witchdoc187:   1-1 draw. Mind you we haven’t won there for a while so who knows.

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