Southampton V Liverpool 16th March 15:00 KO Shortish Preview.

Posted by Hinesy on March 15, 2013, 12:42:19 PM

Sarf'ampton eh.

Some years ago I remember Southampton taking the ball of us near the Kop end and legging up field to score. Since that day I hate them.

10 facts you never knew, or probably did about Southampton:

1.Their manager is the newly hired Mauricio Pochettino  and his name is an anagram for Italian sliced salami made from donkey.

2. Emile Heskey scored the last time we won at St Mary's.

3. Its Southampton. They're not even amongst the great Premier League clubs. They were a big side when I was nowt but a nipper. (They were one of the original PL members having played in old Div 1 since '78) but frankly since then they've been up and down the leagues like a whore's drawers.

4. See 3.

5. Steven Davis who plays for them isn't the same guy who won the snooker.

6. Souness managed them and saw them beat Utd 6-3. Happy memories.

7. Le Tissier and Walcot both played for them, they had a style for a wee while of pacey running football but went into Admin in '09 and haven't been the same since.

8.They're not Portsmouth, their great rivals but both teams have had 'Arry the demented Teddy Bear manage them and both have been in Admin and both have been bottom feeders in the top division. That must really piss them off. being the same as your rivals.

9. They beat Man Utd in a giant killing FA Cup Final in 1976. I still grin about Stokes' goal to this day. So actually I've only hated them for a short while.

10.That same year they won the Tennants Caledonian Cup. Whatever that was. (Clearly a competition v Scottish teams but still....)

Pepe's back, and we've a fairly full strength team. Knowing our luck, after the great result against Tottenham, if I was a fatalist, we'll lose 4-0 but we should be beating them. 3-1 to us.

Sorry its so short, but its Southampton. They had Lawrie McMenemy as a manager and he had a lot of success. Since then not much has happened.

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