Round Table: Wigan v Liverpool

Posted by royhendo on March 2, 2013, 08:23:04 PM

Carragher lunges at a cross early on and the old Wigan prickle on the brown kicks in, but it took seconds for that to recede, didn't it? Pepe with that faithful long pass to Coutinho, who he's spotted, Coutinho jinks by his man and swings in a perfect ball, and DOWNING!

So that was nice, wasn't it? And from that point, it seemed just about everything went to plan.

Coutinho, particularly early on, looked promising as could be. That second goal was pure innate understanding between two footballing brains.

Allen is looking increasingly rehabilitated, as is Lucas.

Pepe Reina was the keeper we'd grown to expect.

So - what do we read into this game. Wigan did have physical presence up front. They did have energy in the middle. But having read the preview, it's abundantly clear we did our job on Beausejour, and closed them down across the park, while earning our own right to play.

All that without Sturridge, which had again led to pre-game angst in some quarters. It was nice, wasn't it? Here's to more of that.

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