Round Table - Liverpool v Zenit St Petersburg

Posted by royhendo on February 22, 2013, 08:02:14 AM

Man, what a ride.

You have to love them on nights like that. Your heart swells, your soul yearns, your bits and bobs twitch in anticipation... then an early blow takes the wind from your sails.

But what an opening hour of football eh? A truly great show.

The talking points.

Suarez is a gift from the footballing Gods.

Enrique is, on his game, relentless and swashbuckling.

Agger can't half dribble.

Our back three, at all levels, have to learn to play into pressure.

The removal of Henderson and Allen allowed Zenit to start playing again, and things shifted.

We aren't a million miles from being a very decent side on this showing. Constant upgrades will help, but they can play. 

Over to you guys.

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