Liverpool 5 - 0 Swansea Round Table

Posted by Hinesy on February 17, 2013, 04:54:02 PM

You could argue that with Swansea's eye on taking the League Cup back to the valleys, that it was them that lost it. Once again for 30 minutes, we did everything but score. Oh how many times have we done that (West Brom being the most recent example).

And the West Brom match is a good template to look at. But for the penalty miss, 3 points turned into a loss.

This time Gerrard picks his favoured side and just beats the goalie and Swansea then have to come out and attack. Except this time, they couldn't because we pressed and played and harried.

I've got to be honest with you, I thought that was probably Suarez's best game for us. He was astonishing in his work rate, his eye for the space, the ball and the pass, and his skills were put to good use, not just selfish running and trickery. He really did shine out and was easily still MOTM for me, even with 23mins left on the clock.

Monk had a great game for them, but without him, they would've fell to pieces. But they still played and passed well when they could, so today I have to say it was us that won it.

I said about the West Brom game that we're a one man team: Sturridge, and I still believe that. That extra striker, as it were, frees up so much of our attack and gives purpose to the passing, and lets Luis run amok, be it creating space for Sturridge or making his own space. Also I noticed what a massive difference having some belief made to our other players. Where did Enrique's skillful twin come from? That lead up to his goal and the nerve to try that finish was spectacular, almost Arsenal in their pomp stylee.

Anyway, our regular players stepped up a notch and we seemed to have fun out there.

Nice revenge finally for Brendan and the team and a good result all round. Mainly because I'd intended to put 4-0 bet on and was very relieved it was 5-0.

Some questions to start:

Was Sturridge trying too hard at the end there?
Does he look like he enjoys his football?
Coutinho. Whaddya think?

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