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Posted by RAWK Editor on February 6, 2013, 03:40:18 PM

Has seen a local bakery be able to complete its start up fundraising due partly to the kindness and generosity of RAWK's members. As a thank you, Homebaked Anfield will bake a new bread called a Red and White Kob in honour of the site. We wish them all the best in their future ventures.
You read the thread here : Homebaked Anfield and visit their Kickstarter Site with this link: Homebaked Kickstart

Secondly, a site dedicated to using old sporting memories to help sufferers of dementia and related illnesses, reminisce and remember, have said they would like to use our History Board as a resource for their members to use should they wish. That's a great honour for us, and we'd like to thank all our writers in that board for their work, which may have wider impact in the world than first imagined. If you feel like posting any of your memories about Liverpool's past then we'd love to read them.
The History Board is this way: History Board

All too often footballing websites are criticized for being full of rubbish, but as RAWK members, you should be justifiably proud, especially to those who have contributed to either of the above.

Finally RAWK would like to add its condolences to those affected by the Munich Air Disaster and offer our sincere thoughts to friends and family impacted by the tragedy.

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