Preview: Liverpool FC vs Norwich City (Sat 19th Jan, 3pm)

Posted by Harinder on January 15, 2013, 01:49:42 PM



Norwich City. You could embed a decent percentage of Man Utd fans in their stadium and not know the difference. But could you taste it...I bet Delia would know :-)

In the last season we drew with them at home and beat them away. Paul Lambert is now at Aston Villa and  they are under Chris Hughton. Brendan Rodgers took us to the Canaries and gave the travelling Kop a lot to sing about hitting 5 past them. They hadn't won in the league prior to that and post that they got hit hard again by Chelsea. Credit where it's due though, Chris put some resilience in the team and they went unbeaten post beating Arsenal by a solitary Grant Holt goal. Not bad for a player who sneaks in a burger or two! Fat kid from Cumbria indeed.

Steve Clarke ruined that run for them just before Christmas and it seems that form of league losses continued up til the weekend gone where they drew with Newcastle.

People recall Norwich in history at Anfield in regards to one of the ex-members of Bros scoring the last goal in front of the old standing Kop. Alright, maybe Jeremy Goss wasn't part of a dodgy trio boy band who wore stupid things on their shoes about dropping boys and what not but this isn't my lasting memory of Norwich against us. It's bloody David James being sent off. Second half for something stupid but it sticks in my billy goats gruff!

Back to the modern day and with half the season gone Liverpool for me have been a bit Jekyll and Hyde. We don't know which version will turn up and it can frustrate or pleasure with equal intensity. That might be part of the fun for this match more than anything else as that nervous feeling before a game kicks in. Where you take a deep breath, say a prayer or two and be at one with THAT sensation. The bit where you believe we may go straight for the jugular or may just look to juggle the ball. We secretly pray for a surge of passing at break neck speeds and blowing the opposition away with waves of attacks and goal after goal and pressing and crossing and collecting and driving and… it… slows…right

Because if we do that we’ll be exposed. We will be open at the back. The canaries will come in and peck away at us and score and then what will we do? We won’t get back into the game. We’ll concede more. RAWK will implode. Negativity will beset some. Oh no’s!!!!  ;D

And breathe. This is where we are at as a club. From the stewards in the back of the blocks to the good folks in the front rows of the paddock we emanate these sentiments during the match and it projects either as fight against it with shouts of support or with a silent wait. One of those work to lifting a team!

So with that in mind what will we be like? I think Brendan will be silently waiting to go back to the midfield that worked so well at QPR and against Sunderland. We will have the abilities of Sturridge to add to the front line as well as the return of Borini so it is a nice headache for our manager in regards to selection. Norwich will come with a bit of fight as they would be aggrieved to have not got all 3 points against Newcastle. Holt I believe isn’t 100% so whilst he has a chip nan in recovery it looks to be Pilkington leading their attack intent with Jackson and Hoolahan. When we played them at Carrow Road they struggled, like others, against Suarez. Sturridge and Stevie in the mix and things get interesting when you add Henderson. I’d love to see this come Saturday at 3pm…3 times too!

Oh... Mr Stewart Downing. If it is a nasty streak that we need in our passing then you need to work on your angry look. So far you've only got this fella scared!

Enough with the scary images and over to you. As always the expectation is that we will win and as history shows us this season we should take nothing for granted. We have it in our resolve to be ruthless and to win and we have certainly seen Liverpool use those traits to its advantage. Now is the time to be consistent with it!

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