Spyin' Kop, Liverpool v Norwich Jan 19th 3pm

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Anfield, January 19th, 3pm
Spyin' Kop

Our games in the last couple of seasons against Norwich have been hit and miss. Away, we've looked outstanding, and Little Luis II has filled his boots. Our game at Carrow Road this year was probably my favourite away trip - a good atmosphere, a great result, and the immense satisfaction when Suarez, having missed a decent chanced and been barracked by the home fans, proceeded to rob the ball off the NCFC defender from the resulting goal kick and curl it effortlessly into the bottom corner. Frenzy ensued.

At home though, we looked out of sorts last season in a dispiriting 1 - 1 draw. Norwich worked hard and got their reward while we missed a number of chances (who'da thunk it).

Ahead of our forthcoming game at Anfield, I popped over to "The Pink'un" to get the views of a few Canaries on the game, and their views on our respective seasons so far...

1) Norwich were one of last seasons' success stories. How has this season been shaping up so far, and what are your opinions on Lambert and Hughton?

AJ: Hughton's approach is far different to Lambert who was a lot more gung-ho. Under Lambert it felt like we were playing on edge, a championship squad playing out of their skins for survival - but we finished 12th as a reward for that. This season feels a lot more comfortable. Hughton's signings have made us a lot more stable at the back, with Bassong, Turner and Tettey forming the spine of our squad. I definitely think Hughton was the right appointment, and in many ways Lambert leaving a good thing - I feel if we get back to being consistent after our losses over the Christmas period - we could well finish 12th or higher this season in an arguably tighter league this year.

Javier's Deaf Translator: Lambert did great for us, and will always be remembered. But he and his tactics have been figured out (look at villa.) Hughton coming in has probably been a key factor with us now and will be a key factor for our promising future.

Nexus_Canary: Started quite badly but I think we can all see what the club is capable of. Hughton is shaping up to be potentially better for the club than Lambert and emotions aside, a logical progression for the club. Any Norwich fan would be lying if they said they were not gutted Lambert went to Villa and are anti Villa more in regards to thier fans singing "Only one Paul Lambert" when he was still our boss. That said, we move on and now if given the choice I would honestly say Hughton.

2) What are your expectations for this season, and have they changed from day one?

AJ: Kind of what I outlined above, anything that provides us with Premiership safety is the ultimate target for a club of our stature at the moment but I think at this stage we are well positioned to do so. At times it does feel like we should be looking up rather than down when you can go on a run of 10 games and beat the likes of Man Utd and Arsenal on home soil relatively comfortably, but a run of four losses is definitely a reality check. Saying that, I'd be disappointed to not finish around 12th again.

Javier's Deaf Translator: Mid table. Beginning of the season, having a new manager and all. I expected between 17-13.

Nexus_Canary: Stay up, Finish above Villa , Swansea and QPR ! Thus far 3/4 not looking bad. I think many Norwich fans are still hopefull of a better finish than last year but we need to start winning again. Loss to Wet Spam was a little disapointing but the end of a tight run of games so forgiveable !

Pablofarmer: In reality they aim is to survive, but would love to be tops ten, have to say I am surprised that you are one of our main competition for that area.

3) Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

AJ: Ruddy, Bassong, Tettey and Holt. The absolute spine of our team. When one is missing we miss them badly. Saying that, our squad is full of evens, and everyone can put in a good performance. That's the really good thing about Hughton's squad, there's no real bad links (aside of Ruddy's injury)

Javier's Deaf Translator: The spine of our team. Bassong tettey hoolahan and Holt. What Holt is currently lacking in goals he makes up for in defensive work rate. We will be a different team compared to our last two meetings with bassong and tettey in the squad.

Nexus_Canary: Grant Holt, John Ruddy. Holt is our talisman and we seem to give 10% extra. In the same way Liverpool react to having Stevie G on the field we react when Holty is up and about ! John Ruddy, Englands #2 and at the rate of Joe Hart's form, Englands #1. Probably the best shot stopper in the Premier league.

Pablofarmer: Holt is key for us, always has been. However this year Tettey and Johnson are crucial in our defence and attack.

4) And your worst player(s)?

AJ: See my answer above, although I think we need to strengthen in places. Morison is very hit and miss, and we don't know a lot about Kane's ability as of yet.

Javier's Deaf Translator: Probably lappin and Martin. Both of whom are out on loan. The least good players for lack of a better word within the club for me are Jackson and Tierney.

Nexus_Canary: Steve Morison. Real Marmite player for us who is getting a lot of flack for his lack of work rate.

5) I attended the game at Anfield last year where you claimed a well-earned point, but I was also lucky enough to visit Carrow Road this season for our win. Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs?  Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?

AJ: Whenever I've seen Norwich play Liverpool in person, we've lost!

Javier's Deaf Translator: I hate the class Suarez has shown v us at FCR. That enough?

Nexus_Canary: LOL I actually gave my dad's season ticket to a mate as a Wedding present. He is a Irish Liverpool fan so told him best behaviour in the Home section. He had a great game and even joined in with the Norwich chants. Post game we left the ground in a sea of Yellow and Green only to bump into a really drunk scouser. He lent into my mate ( who is not a small lad ) and said " Eye, that Suarez loves scoring against you'se" my mate started laughing and said " What, on the training ground ? Tw@t !" The poor Liverpool fan picked on the only other Red for as far as the eye could see !! Had us in fits of laughter as the poor chap wondered what had just happened.

Mr Angry: Jeremy Goss' goal at Anfield in the last game before the Kop terraces were dismantled.

Marvin the martian: I remember us winning 2-1 at Anfield, Martin O Neill scored a 30 yarder near the end. I think Lawrenson scored an og too…

6) Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

AJ: None which will probably play on the day! We've got a few loaned out, but whether they'll ever come good is a different matter.

Javier's Deaf Translator: Ryan Bennett and butterfield are two youngsters the club are developing to eventually become top first team players and will be one day part of the spine of the club. However unless there are injuries both are unlikely to feature.

Nexus_Canary: Given your youth record, no none they are all * stay away  !! Korey Smith has potential. And a pair of brothers in the U18's

7) What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

AJ: Probably the tried and tested diamond which has worked so well this season. That said, if we make a few decent signings that could change - we do need a plan B at times.

Javier's Deaf Translator: 4-2-3-1. Defensive line up. With the aim of retaining possession and passing to open up Liverpool.

Nexus_Canary: The normal Chris Hughton away set up I expect, looking to counter attack. We will probably try to bleed a point out of you.

8) Where do you expect Norwich and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

AJ: I think Liverpool and Norwich will finish strong midtable, but I think it depends on January signings too. You are dearly missing a partner for Suarez - find the right one and I think you could well be finishing in the top 8.

Javier's Deaf Translator: Norwich 12-9, Liverpool 11-7

Nexus_Canary: I expect we will finish somewhere around 14-16th. Now Sturidge has joined Liverpool I'd say 6th or 7th.

9) Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

AJ: Suarez without a doubt, hopefully he won't get another hattrick against us...

Javier's Deaf Translator: Begins with s and ends in racist. Kidding. Sort of. But Suarez is oozing class right now and I'm hopeful of selfish sturridge ruining it for our match.

Pablofarmer: Suarez is developing a nasty habit of scoring against us, but if we can control midfield think we could stop his supply.

10) Care to predict the score?

AJ: Liverpool for some reason seem to be our Achilles heel, apart from last year at Anfield we always seem to struggle against you. If we get out of this losing streak, we could well snatch a draw but I feel we'll probably lose 2-1.

Javier's Deaf Translator: 1-1

Nexus_Canary: Nope, last time I predicted a score I said 4-1 Norwich and on that day it ended 7-1 Colchester. So , never again will I predict a score !

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