Round Table Discussion - Liverpool 3-0 Soonalan

Posted by royhendo on January 2, 2013, 09:46:18 PM

Well, that was nice. James McLean spared us all a wee heart attack, fair enough, but we played very well on the night.

Gerrard was imperious. Sterling's finish was delicious. Suarez was tenacious. Steve Peters put Jordan Henderson into a trance and convinced him he was Pele. Downing gave his full back a proper test. Joe Allen looked every bit the player we were told about.

And so on.

Pepe made a phenomenal stop too. All in all, you can't complain about any of that, can you? Sunderland didn't show up... or did we stop them from getting into the game?

One point worth making. The passing, and the increasing use of disguised balls and balls round the corner. It's something that was noticable in the Swansea play at times - patterns of play meant when spaces appeared, players could play the ball into those spaces and be confident that a body in their own coloured shirt would appear there. That's what confidence and familiarity with the patterns will bring, and the craftier players are starting to do that more habitually... or are they? Am I just conjuring all that up in my mind?

Over to you. 

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