Preview - Liverpool v Sunderland, 2nd Jan 7.45pm

Posted by archie on December 31, 2012, 08:35:20 PM

Sunderland - a team that sticks out in my mind as they were our opponents in the 92 cup final.

As a 12 year old really getting into football that game really mattered. I suppose when the team wins trophies and you are really young you don't sometimes realise the magnitude of the achievement. So this was a game I really remember being properly nervous about (something that has continued to the current day).

Sunderland were a second division team at the time and I remember that John Byrne had scored in every round. Thankfully, this was something he couldn't manage in the final. Anyway, quick bit of McManaman/Thomas magic andwe were on our way. All was well and next year we would win the league.

Sunderland was also my first ever away game 10 years ago. A 1-2 reverse and perhaps the coldest I've ever been at a football match. So, I suppose I should have a healthy hate for SUnderland as a result of this but it never transpired. I found their fans on that day to be sound and a good day's drinking was had.

Recent history has seen the club have some highs and lows in the premier league.
The new millennium saw them promoted and finish in the top half for a couple of seasons thanks to a decent squad of players helped in no small part by the partnership of Niall Quinn and Kevin Phillips.

Relegations and promotions have occurred and a low point was their tally of 15 points in a season.

Recent managerial appointments have been come from a list (which is infinitely long) of RAWK's most hated.
Roy Keane and Steve Bruce dared to play for some old friends up the road.

But, current owner Ellis short has surpassed himself and incurred the wrath of those who frequent General football and sport forum by bringing in an old friend, Martin O'Neill.
amongst his list of crimes are:

Celebrating goals
Trying to hold on to his best players.

Beyond the pale, I'm sure we all agree.

In 20 games against Liverpool he has only lost 5. A decent record.

Sunderland haven't been having a good season, but recent results have seen a little bit of the pressure come off. So, it will be interesting to see how they, and indeed how we approach this game.

Jordan Henderson will face his former club (if he plays) and there have been a few notable players to line up for both teams:

Djibril Cisse
Barry Venison
Don Hutchison
Howard Gayle
Alan Kennedy
Phil Babb
Boudewijn Zenden

and an honourable mention to David Hodgson. (I'd never heard of him)

Both teams need to find some form and Liverpool will be glad to see the back of 2012 (league wise)
Let's hope the most arrogant manager in the business isn't hopping on his imaginary pogo stick come 2013. Not sure it would go down well.

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