Eyewitness Report: Queens Park Rangers 0 - Liverpool 3 (Triffic!)

Posted by Harinder on December 31, 2012, 02:30:11 PM

Going to Loftus Road for the second time this year did have me waking up in a cold sweat. I hadn’t really got over my last visit… I don’t think anyone has. It just isn’t supposed to be like that you see – you’re 2-0 up, one of the goals an absolute beauty by Coates and strolling. Conceding 3 goals in the remaining 15 minutes or so is not on any script but as the saying goes shit happens

So it better not happen again. The last time Harry Redknapp took over a club in the doldrums was in 2008-2009 season. We were unbeaten in the league and looked sublime. We then went to White Hart Lane and Carra scored but not for us. One for us early by Dirk, one for them through an own goal and Pavlyuchenko got their second at the end and I was as sick as a parrot. The only Spurs fan I know was celebrating his birthday that day and if he wasn’t such a great fella bar this one flaw of the football team he backs I’d happily have been elsewhere

Harry. I can’t say I have any strong emotion of hate/negativity towards him. He is a laughable character in that he provides Football with someone to laugh at. With the earlier memories in the back of my mind I made the relatively short journey to my uncle’s house and we set off towards Westfield. The car journey itself was reminiscent of last season as many a match began like this with all of us together. This season has been different due to work commitments so it was a much overdue experience. Between us we’d seen different Liverpool era’s begin. My Uncle the 70’s with Keegan and Dalglish, myself the 80’s with Dalglish, Rush, Barnes et al and my cousin is part of the 90’s God era. You could include Harry’s son in that Jamie who I’ll come back to later

Car parked, 4th person met and we began the familiar walk to Loftus Road. Once in the same shoebox feeling came across me. I know it’s a traditional old ground and that gives many a warm cosy feeling. It just doesn’t do the same for me. One thing that did though was seeing Luis Suarez in the warm up curling them to perfection past Gulasci. He looked ready for action and the fire building up inside of him was clear to see. All this to the backdrop of some seriously bad rock music which you wouldn’t catch George playing at Anfield. When Bon Jovi “Keep the faith” came on I wasn’t too sure whom it was being played for  :P

Oh and I met The 5th Benitle/Brenitle/Bauble… again  ;D

As the match started QPR looked bright but not sparkling. That fizz was definitely removed by Luis’ early shot saved by Julio Cesar. At one point Shaun Wright Phillips came down the wing and I’m pretty sure I heard someone say “squash the midget”. Containing my laughter was hard but then what followed led to an almighty cheer and rapturous singing. From the view in higher rows of the away stand, the goal was a sublime one. Allen>Henderson>Suarez, who’s then past Hill, and we just knew he was going to score. Tucked away neatly and cue celebrations and 2 renditions of Luis’ song but not in unison… the left did meet the right though at der der  der d-der der der LUIS SUAREZ  :)

Goal two soon followed. It happened so quickly too. Luis from the right side coming into the box, puts it across the goal and back to him and in a flash the net has rippled. 2-0 Liverpool. 2 more renditions of Luis’s song not in unison and again meeting in the middle. The best part being that we were convincingly in the lead and a cricket score could be on. At this point we should mention Jamie. I say this is as after the 2nd goal I looked towards the Sky commentating box and saw him, Ray Wilkins and kids sitting watching the game. First thought was if Jamie gave Ray a lift to the ground as they live near each other and the second thought went to something said by ‘Arry when he joined the R’s. “Me grandkids naw all have Koo-pee-aarrh kits and getting behind me”. Well, if they were in that box with your son Harry they weren’t wearing them  ;D

We were in rampant attacking mood and went forward with real purpose. Johnson pushing forward and the right side seemed to be their real weak point. The third goal was inevitable and I didn’t expect to be from Agger. What a beautifully directed header it was too. Short corner from the right side and cross from Gerrard met perfectly by Daniel Agger. We hadn’t even got to the 30 minute mark of the match. A few minutes after this I was left wondering how we weren’t at 4-0. Gerrard’s shot came off one defender and then off the line from another. As Ray Wilkins would say “My Word”.

As QPR booed their team off we reflected on what was a great half for us. We looked good irrespective of how bad QPR were. We had chances and we took them. During a few days where we questioned what direction we were taking the players responded in the only way they could. With positivity and intent.

The second half didn’t bring the predicted goal glut. In the first 10 mins though it looked so much as if it would. Suarez had a powerful shot well saved by Julio Cesar and his cross some 5 mins later to Gerrard was taken away by Onuhua else it would have been 4/5 by now. Stevie did make it into the goal though. Up until the 60th minute I don’t think QPR had any real joy in their passages of play. After this it’s as if our orders were to contain the game and not over exert ourselves (travelling Kop excluded – we were busy singing). And that’s just what we did. Pass. Slow the game right down. Push onto Sterling. Sterling gets doubled up on. Start again.

For all the criticism he takes Henderson had a great game. What Sky doesn’t show you is what he did and how he pressed. I only learnt afterwards he’d been sick the day before. When he was substituted for Lucas, the applause for him was well deserved. He, Gerrard and Allen had a really good game. It’s only in the latter stages of the game did QPR get their chances or sniffs of goal. It’s with great sadness I write that having seen Jose Enrique playing at his best that we might not see him for a while. When he did go down I thought it was due to a clash with Mbia but it wasn’t. Tear in his hammy  :( Get well soon Jose.

When travelling Kop are cheering all the passes you know this is has been a great day out for us. It was only stopped to take the piss out of a QPR fan who tried to give us his all and failed. He did though obligingly get his man boobs out for the lads!

The only remaining highlight was Fabio de Silva. On loan to QPR from Man Utd. He fouls Raheem. Dirty. Revenge was a dish served by captain Steven Gerrard who sent him into an advertising board.

It’s the small things in life  ;D

I started this year watching us lose 3-0 away to Manchester City. Watching us win 3-0 away to QPR certainly was a nice way to finish it. See you all next year at Anfield when we take on Sunderland

Have a very happy new year’s celebration and here’s to a prosperous new year for all of us… especially Liverpool Football Club on the pitch. Off the pitch it’s been a year that started with much pain for Anne Williams and her fight for justice along with all the other families. It ended in a way no-one envisaged. With the first doors of Justice now opened I sincerely hope what follows are the floodgates…I’m ready and waiting if they aren’t along with many others.

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