Stoke City vs Liverpool FC. The Preview. Wed 26th Dec (Away)

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Firstly, before we go into the preview, you should know about the Oatcake Fanzine. Not because I want you to leave RAWK but more as they were supportive when we reached out to the football family. Where rivalries put to one side and we asked for help… they responded. Thank you. I may have already said it but it means so much and the results of the efforts are bearing fruition finally

Stoke City. For some the final frontier as it is considered the depths of the universe going to the Britannia. For others it may even be prophetical as it is thought to be the place where a player should be measured by

“… but can he do it on a cold and wet Wednesday night in Stoke?”

So what awaits us at Pottery Barn? A mythical promise of delightful and scintillating passing with goals galore and a Liverpool win or a Christmas hangover with us stuffed worse than a five bird roast? History doesn’t see it in our favour. Away from home it’s not really been a great affair for us over the years. Since their return to the Premiership we’ve not beaten them in the league at their ground. Their home form this season is formidable too – they’re unbeaten at home right now. From encounters prior the expectation is a physical contest with Pulis finding something to moan about

He likes a good moan old Pulis. Now I’m going to have one too. Last season when we went there and lost 1-0 to a contentious penalty we were all over them. Suarez was THAT good against them that even Tony himself stated that our Luis was a different class. Even with their physical, bus parking tactics we got through but no ball in the back of the onion sack for us. I hate Stoke’s tactics but then it does seem to work for them. They don’t pretend to aspire to be something they aren’t and admittedly they have a desire to simply survive and see what happens.

On the pitch they aren’t what you call household names but there’s a few you either love or hate in equal measures such as Crouch, Walters, Jones and Shawcross. Robert Huth can just do one.

Lets not forget they have this weapon of mass destruction in their locker. In a familiar position. And Jimmy Tarbuck’s view of him

Ahh Medal Thief. No Stoke City preview would be complete without a mention of him and his glittering career for the potters. He left to pick up cups and came back as a mug. Now he’s on the case to make his own given he’s got an awful lot of spare time

• Owen has scored fewer Premier League goals than Emile Heskey since 2004.
• Owen has touched the ball just 26 times for Stoke, and has had one shot at goal (which was off target).
• Owen has played 56 minutes for Stoke this season, which means he's spent more time on Match of the Day than on the pitch.

Consistent. Gotta give him that  :) Sir Stanley Matthews salutes you Michael.

Well what do we have?

“…but whatever Luis does there will always be a problem”

With Luis Suarez a lot can happen. His own Anfield debut was against Stoke City and it was a memorable night of fast, fluid football which tickled the taste buds like the mince pie looking right at me. Full of running and full of guts he gave us a performance coming off the bench which left us salivating for more and he sure has carried on as he started

That was a cold night at Anfield. In the league cup he answered the prophecy at the Britannia. Twice! A nutmeg for the first and a header for the second. That first goal though was something special. We were behind. For some this day was the festival of lights, Diwali and others a celebration of the release of a Guru many centuries ago. For me it was the latter and I was watching the match at my mum’s house. I was in no mood to celebrate at 1-0 down. I was after this goal though as well as the second. No need for fireworks, his double was more than enough for me!

This one's for you Prancer aka Chopper - fuck you Nick Hancock  ;D

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Ps – he scored one from a similar range in the FA cup quarter final too. A mothers day delight!

The realist predicts the draw. The optimist hopes for a win and much needed 3 points. The pessimist can piss off!

Oh – Mascot wars. Given my annoyance at Bubbles the Bear I’d thought I’d see how Mighty Red would fair against the Stoke City mascot.

Its not even a competition…


Whilst we reflect during the Christmas period and share prayers/thoughts for the families of our gone but not forgotten 96 and survivors of Hillsborough, spare a thought for one of our ex-players. It will be his first Christmas without his father who passed away suddenly a week or two ago. Knowing what this feels like having experienced it myself in July 2010 it is a tough place to be. My heart goes out to him too.

Charlie Adam – you’ll never walk alone. RIP Charlie Adam Snr.

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