Villa Round Table - Or Clubs You Hate

Posted by Veinticinco de Mayo on December 15, 2012, 06:48:26 PM

Most people have one, that club for which they have a barely rational hatred.  A passionate dislike for a side that are not a rival either geographically or in recent big games.  Well I fucking detest Aston Villa

I hate them, I hate their badly dressed fans and their depressed village idiot accent.  I hate the fact it takes them two hours to get a sentence out.  I hate their songs.  I hate their kit.  I hate their shitty ground. I hate Stanley Collymore kissing their  badge in front of us. I hate their baboon's arse faced violin playing celebrity fans, I hate the fact that they have somehow won a European Cup despite being the epitomy of underachievement for half a century.  I hate the fact that as a kid I crashed my dad's Cavalier, borrowed for the day, on the way to Villa Park.  I hate the fact that when we finally did get to the ground we somehow managed to lose to that c*nt Pardew and Crystal Palace. 

I hate the fact their fans came to Anfield and sang about their equally hateful city cousins in blue.  Fuck of Villa.

So, opening question, which club is your irrational hate?

And main question, blip or reality check?

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