Round Table Discussion - WHAM! 2-3 Liverpool

Posted by royhendo on December 9, 2012, 07:24:38 PM

"Oooh, incy wincy spider... and... it's rolled into the cup. A lovely up and down from a difficult spot in the deep rough", as Peter Allis may well have thought on the final whistle at WHAM!'s gaff in East Lahndin this afternoon.

Glen Johnson wakes up and Steve Peters has implanted a Derren Brown style suggestion that he's the genetic lovechild of Junior/Josimar/Cafu/Carlos/Alves/Alberto and next thing you know he's rifled what Ian McIntosh described as a 'thunderbastard' of a drive into the t.c. and you're thinking 'hello... this might be our day'.

His goal by the way. It's this goal -> 

Jussi Jennings.

Anyway, Enrique feels a little tightness in his glistening pec/hammy and Cole's on and you're thinking 'hello... this might not actually be our day', and next thing Dynamite Diame is charging up the park, bossing things in the middle, they're getting a foothold, and the referee decides to take that foothold and reinforce it with full-sized ornamental decking complete with wrought iron garden furniture and brazier, and you're thinking... well, at that stage, you're not thinking. You're fuming.

But half time comes and goes, and Diame goes the way of Jose, and on comes young Jordan, and the balance shifts. And then, wha...?! Lovely interchange of passes, Sterling plays an instinctive and bloody difficult first time ball on the back foot, and Cole, after a crafty bended run, slots it home. It's almost clinical. And suddenly there's only one team winning it, isn't there?

Henderson's surge and pass to Shelvey was the highlight for me. I like them both. I'm not sure why but they're emblematic of whipping boy status in many ways, and that winner was their goal.

It was a very impressive par 3, up and down in 2, from the deep deep rough.

So did we get it off to a tee? Did the removal of Diame's drive change it? Did we show the right kind of bunker mentality? Did they earn their wedge? And so forth.

It's 'Open' to you.

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