Round Table: Udinese v Liverpool

Posted by royhendo on December 6, 2012, 07:59:17 PM

Half way through the second half, the thought flashed through my head that I hated the way Suarez's number looked like a "2", the way they'd trundled the Spurs starting line up across the bottom of the widescreen telly in the pub, the way that, as I reached for my smartphone, the barmaid asked if my barely touched burger was finished ("i'm just having a wee rest") and by Christ I was maybe gonna think about having my say about it on twitter, to see if i could get a few Retweets, while sat on my arse on the swanky bar room leather sofa. Spare a thought for our own L6 who's there in the flesh, freezing his bun cakes off. While there's a lot that's bad about modern football, myself included, the travelling support isn't one of them.

Saying that, half of them are online on their smart phones hunting for retweets too. We're all fucked.

Henderson looked good, for the most part. One of the games that's accentuated his positives.

Downing too.

Enrique continues to revel in his new-found form, and somehow the old warhorse can still just about get away with it at the back in some games. Coates must be boosting the transfer coffers, you have to think.

All in all, you could barely fault it, no? Bar a few moments when they pinpointed space behind Johnson in the first half.

Loved Di Natale's reaction at the end. Loved Brendan's flash of temper. Loved Enrique's ZZ-style roulette. 

If this squad adds some finishing...

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