LFC EW Match Report - Anfield - 1-12-12 - Swansea (sic) ( he means Sarf'ampton)

Posted by Veinticinco de Mayo on December 2, 2012, 09:53:23 AM

Well...  observations on yesterday's game?

It was effin cold.
We got the three points.
It was effin cold
We kept a clean sheet.
Did I mention that it was a mite parky?

Of course the really big news was that Lucas was back, not only that he slipped straight into the groove and looked like he had never been away.  Impressed that he managed 80 minutes as well though he looked absolutely knackered by the time he went off.

Lucas slotted into midfield and gave the defence that shield that it has been missing so badly for much of the season.  Allen operated further forward and Gerrard, Shelvey and Sterling buzzed around up front supporting Suarez.  Johnson reverted to right back and Jose Enrique dropped back to his more familiar role as left back (though his buccaneering runs from that position remained an entertaining feature of the game.

I thought the first half performance was as well as we have played this season.  Our domination was total, the only thing missing, as usual was the end product of a goal.  A sniffer could score hatfuls in this side.  Given that we were playing well and creating chances it's a shame that the loudest sound coming from the Kop was the uneasy shuffling in our seats and the chattering of teeth.  Stand up and sing you shower of gobshites, if nothing else it warms you up.

Unfortunately after we scored the team also seemed to suffer from the same narcolepsy afflicting the crowd and the second half began in a dull and listless fashion. With sloppy passing and poor application allowing Southampton to get a foothold in the game.  It was a sign of the paucity of entertainment being served up on the pitch that George's slip in announcing the first substitute for Swansea was the high point of that period, prompting guffaws in the Kop and an amusing rendition of "Are you Swansea in disguise?".  Thankfully they weren't because Swansea would probably have punished us for our sloppiness in this period.

We started to pick up again later on and looked very dangerous on the break where we had a number of chances to make the match safe and managed to fuck them all up.  Suarez getting himself booked from an apologetic ref for an instinctive handball in the process. 

Lucas left the field to a standing ovation and we trudged out into the freezing Anfield night knowing that we are a long way from being a threat to fourth place but that the green shoots of recovery look very promising indeed if the manager gets the backing (from board and fans) to continue with what he is doing.

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