Round Table: Liverpool 1 - 0 Southampton

Posted by BabuYagu on December 1, 2012, 07:39:38 PM

So guys what did you think of that one? My talking points would be:-

Sterling - is it me or is he starting to look a little jaded? Could he use a couple of weeks as an impact sub if needed to recharge his batteries?

Suarez - He's just terrifyingly good isn't he? Didnt score today but you wouldn't bet against him any time he is on the pitch now. Just looks a constant threat. With that in mind, what do we do without him against West Ham? Time to look at our U21 squad. Try Gerrard, Shelvey, Sterling or Assaidi as a false 9?

Lucas - Having a proper DM really just changes the way a midfield plays. When that DM is the best in the league and one of the most respected and trusted players in the squad then his value on the pitch increases exponentially. He was outstanding today in breaking up play and sniffing out any danger before it could develop. Never visiably tired but glad we can give the guy a rest whenever we get the oppertunity. The freedom he gave Allen & Gerrard was just as important as what he brings as a DM himself though. Did Southampton make his return seem more influential than it was, or did he bring exactly what we thought he would.... a proper pivot for the side to play off of?

Enrique - Left back or Left Wing?

Shelvey - Can't decide whether he was good today or not. For every excellent through ball into the channel there was a moment of poor play or laziness/lack of atheltic ability to help out where another wide player would have. Do we like him playing as a wide forward? With Lucas back and Henderson preferred to him centrally now and Sahin lying in wait, where does he fit in the side for us?

Southampton - Poor side or made to look poor? I was interested to see both Gaston and Lallana, either of whom I would be happy to have here to add a creative spark. They just couldn't get them on the ball today at all. The few times they did get the ball, with the pressure of knowing it would be along time before they saw the ball again they seemed to over play things and try to create a goal or shoot when nothing at all was on.

Coates - His stock fell suddenly. I think he is an excellent player and IMO should be pushing Skrtel for a spot in the side. He seems to be behind Carragher though and I don't see how that benefits us at all. I would guess even Wisdom would be preferred in a central role to him too based on the few times we tried 3 at the back. Thoughts?

West Ham really has draw written all over it now. Looking at their come back against Chelsea today, Suarez out and Sterling needing a rest, maybe a draw would actually be a good result?

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