Round Table: Spurs 2-1 Liverpool

Posted by BabuYagu on November 28, 2012, 09:38:57 PM

For me the key thing of the game is that Spurs have a goalscorer (Defoe) and 4 other players in midfield than can get you a goal (Bale, Lennon, Dembele, Dempsey). We have just Suárez. Even Gerrard doesn't look like scoring anymore. Was that the difference or was Gareth Bale a one man wrecking ball for Spurs tonight?

What went wrong in those first 15 minutes?

We pretty much all agreed in the Swansea round table that the Downing at left back theory had been given a good field test and found to be a bad idea. Why did Rodgers persist with it? Did he play well apart from letting Lennon get goal side first goal? How big an impact was this decision on the result? 

The midfield 3. How did they fair as a unit and individually? Is Henderson RAWK's new favourite scape goat or is it justified? Where has the Steven Gerrard goal threat gone? What has happened to the Joe Allen of September?

Corners - we only look like scoring them when Gerrard isn´t hitting them it seems. He is also one of the few you would expect to put it in the net too. Should he be told to leave them to someone, anyone, else?

Assaidi, Shelvey - did either show anything to suggest they will start the game against Southampton?

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