Spyin' Kop - Swansea City v Liverpool 25/11/12

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Swansea City v Liverpool

Kick Off: 1:30pm (Welsh Time)

So after a 2-2 draw against a very determined Young Boys side, Liverpool travel to Wales on Sunday. In times gone by, a trip to Wales often meant another trip to Cardiff's Millennium Stadium to compete for silverware. Nowadays, it means a trip to Swansea City's Liberty Stadium to compete for three league points. Last season, Liverpool lost the corresponding fixture 1-0 on the final game of the season. Their manager at that time was a certain Brendan Rodgers. Wonder what he's up to these days.
This is our second fixture against Swansea City this season, and the first didn't go too well from a Liverpool fan's point of view. We were pretty much outplayed in a 3-1 home defeat in the League Cup. Liverpool will head into Sunday's game hoping to avoid a third consecutive defeat to The Swans, and to get the view of the opposition fan's before the game I visited the Planet Swans forum and asked some Paxman-like questions!


I guess it's an obvious place to start, so let's befon with our manager who used to be your manager. What were your opinions on Brendan Rodgers's when he was Swansea manager, and have they changed now he's left?

Not a lot. The Swansea way has been in place for years.It's up to the incoming manager to fine tune it accordingly. Every time a manager leaves and a new one comes in, we improve. Don't be fooled what Brendan Rodgers says and his style of play. It certainly wasn't evident when he managed Watford and Reading.

Jack_Bustard: Well, to be honest he was one of our best managers. However, on reflection all he really did was continue a style of football we already had. I don't like the way he now claims to have been the main architect of our playing style - which for the record has been brewing since our Jackett days and made more prominant (with the Spanish flavour) by Martinez. My view has also become more negative of him since joining Liverpool for his blatent excuses for poor performance (and making excuses for Suarez - Gold medal diver). He's taken money and glory above a love of football and he's been found out.

ClydachJack: I thought Brendan was a very good manager when he was here. The passing game and philosophy was already in place when he arrived (he didn't invent it funnily enough) but he made adjustments where needed and had contacts to bring in players like Sinclair which was the difference in taking us up. He was clearly still learning his trade though and made quite a few errors over the last two years and I was surprised to see LFC and Spurs going after him as I didn't think he was at that level. That opinion hasn't changed.

Jesus was a Jack: Best manager we've ever had (but watch this space with Laudrup). Gutted when he left. Will do wonders for you if given time and resources.

JS9: When he was here his lingo convinced everyone and his confidence with words was justified on the pitch. He is no doubt a good manager but he had everything in place when he arrived here and I'm unconvinced how he will get on at a job where he has to rebuild. He is still a hero no matter what for getting us into the Premier League

We've also got a former Swansea player in our side, your thoughts on Joe Allen?

Whiterock37: Thanks for the money, we've spent it very well and got a better player in as a replacement for a fraction of the money.

Jack_Bustard: Whilst he played a big factor in our midfield during our time in the Divisions/Championship and first season in the Premier League, I think we've proven he wasn't the main factor. To be frank and honest, he's forgettable under our current line-up and would likely struggle to keep his place now. Thanks for the £15mill!

ClydachJack: Joe Allen is a good player. You overpaid quite a bit for him though. Also, as LFC were in desperate need of goals and creativity in the side then it was very surprising that you paid so much for a player who provides little in these areas when you had such a limited budget.

Jesus was a Jack: Essential player for the type of football BR wants you to play so in that sense it was money well spent for you. I reckon he would have been more peripheral this season for us because Laudrup prefers a more dynamic midfielder. We have two more dynamic midfielders in Ki and JDG.

JS9: He was a great player here and will suit Liverpool down to the ground. At first his presence was sorely missed but Ki is proving to be an able replacement.

Let's concentrate on your side a bit now, how's your season going so far?

Whiterock37: Very well, after a tricky patch we've come again and looking very good now.

Jack_Bustard: How do you think it's going? We're above you in the table and we have the mentality of a team who don't go out to play a match, but instead win it!

ClydachJack: An excellent season so far for us. It's nice to be in the top half (not that you would know!)

Jesus was a Jack: Very happy with our start and quietly confident we can survive in this league for another season.

JS9: Up and down but back on an upward curve.

What are your early thoughts about Michael Laudrup and the job he's doing?

Whiterock37: He's in the process of taking us to the next level and going about it with integrity and class.

Jack_Bustard: It was a nervous pre-season, much the same as when a new manager joins any new club. Expectations were high, afterall, it's FREAKIN' MICHAEL LAUDRUP!. But I think our opening games proved our intentions and whilst we've experienced a judder recently in our form, we've also shown a fighting spirit to continue an attack even when it appears we've lost (and earned draw scores as results). We are now a more fluid attacking team and no longer rely on tika-taka approaches to keep the ball.

ClydachJack: Again, Laudrup has done a terrific job. He has signed excellently and when we struggled for a few games he tactically made changes which made the difference.

Jesus was a Jack: Love the man. Love the manager. Players he's brought in have taken us to a different level. His substitutions and tactics are spot on.

JS9: Still unconvined about the overall play in certain games but no one can question the signings. Michu, Ki and Hernandez all for a cumulative price less than Joe Allen is excellent business.

Who have been your best players this season, I'm guessing one must be Michu who has been terrific?

Whiterock37: Yep, Michu gets all the plaudits but Ki, Hernandez and Chico are seriously class players and we've spent incredibly well.

Jack_Bustard: Honestly, I can't really fault any player. In terms of goals scored then it's undoubtedly Michu. However, our new players are still settling in and from recent form of Chico, Hernandez and JDG then I think it's too soon to call any "best player of the season".

ClydachJack: Michu has been great. Routledge, Ki and Leon have been as well. I think De Guzman has done well recently and I am hopeful of a great season. Special mention to Ben Davies for slotting in at left back admirably at a young age as well.

Jesus was a Jack: Michu and Routledge for me so far. But Ki and Pablo are going to be key players for us this season and hopefully beyond. JDG has shown patches of real quality. Leon as always is the beating heart of our side.

JS9: Michu has been head and shoulders the best player we have had in living memory.

Anybody not performed as well as expected?

Whiterock37: Vorm, possibly and maybe De Guzman if you believe some on here.

Jack_Bustard: Danny Graham - needs the fire back in his belly.

ClydachJack: Not really. Chico took a little while to settle in but is a lot more solid now.

Jesus was a Jack: Danny Graham seems to struggle with Laudrup's more direct/counter attacking style. Ashley had a shaky start to the season but now back to his solid best.

JS9: Dyer, De Guzman and Williams have had shaky patches but nothing too alarming.

I'd like to ask you a few questions about Liverpool if I may? How would you assess our season so far as an outsider looking in?

Whiterock37: Up and down.If your players buy into Brendan's "philosophy/BS" and you spend well in January then a top 6/7 finish is not beyond you.

Jack_Bustard: Sh!t - I'd score you C for effort and F for results. Liverpool appear as a team who try to hold on to it's world class heritage whilst sacrificing its soul. How many prolific goal scorers do you have again? And how many actually play for Liverpool? Quick enough to play dirty for the sake of a cheap goal (I'm not being bitter here - I'm conscious of how this may come across) - but seriously, you need to put a collar on Suarez for the sake of football.

ClydachJack: A poor start if I'm honest. LFC should not be expecting to be in the bottom half of the league. You have steadied the ship and are unbeaten in six or seven but overall you shouldn't be happy with your progress so far.

Jesus was a Jack: You're obviously in transition but some of your fans don't seem to understand that. BR has you moving in the right direction but he's going to need a couple of seasons to get it fixed. Liverpool fans seem to feel they're entitled to instant success if you don't mind me saying so. We were playing short passing football long before BR turned up. You do not yet have the squad yet to do it so BR needs to bring more players in and be given time to find those players.

JS9: Liverpool always look like they're a game away from being a good team but it just hasn't seemed to happen yet. I'm not convinced Brendan knows his best 11. I hope he gets it together (but not before this Sunday) because Liverpool is a top 4 club.

Swansea beat Liverpool earlier this year at Anfield in the League Cup, a thoroughly deserved win. I was very impressed with the speed at which your side counter attacked against us. What did you make of that game?

Whiterock37: I think this game gave us belief again after a tricky few weeks.The bigger the occasion the better we seem to play of late.

Jack_Bustard: Seems to now be a consistent thing and I think your questions is that of surprise? Fact is, we've beaten you more than once only this time our team is now even more improved. I thought the game was a good show of force, showing what we're capable of.

ClydachJack: I was very pleased with the performance and thought we outplayed you.

Jesus was a Jack: I thought we were the better team over 90 mins but it unnerved me when Suarez and Gerrard came on because you looked a totally different side when they did. I think Sunday will be a different game again though.

JS9: It was surprising as Brendan surely would know that we would come with that gameplan but was seemingly clueless as to how to combat it.

Do any of our players worry you ahead of this weekend's game?

Only the one, Suarez, obviously, although Sterling is young and uninhibited enough to cause us problems.

Jack_Bustard: Andy Carroll - heard he could be a problem when we go against West Ham later this season :p

ClydachJack: Suarez. Other players could hurt us I guess on their day but for me at this time he is the only top attacking player you have.

Jesus was a Jack: Suarez/Gerrard. I laughed reading a post above about the Chico/Suarez dual - one of them will be sent off - possibly both.

JS9: Suarez is simply world class and players normally come back to haunt their old club so Allen.

And finally, care to make a prediction for the match?

2-1 to Swansea.

Jack_Bustard: 3-1 Swansea.

ClydachJack: Score draw for me. Suarez will probably do something at some point but I don't think defensively you are good enough for a clean sheet.

Jesus was a Jack: Interesting to see what odds the bookies fix because I'd have us as favourites - but I'll say 1-1.

JS9: 1-1.

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