Round Table: Liverpool 3 - 0 Wigan

Posted by Aristotle on November 17, 2012, 05:23:28 PM

Well what can you say after a performance like that. If we push on and make this business as usual then we will have a very good season ahead of us. It was a comfortable win over all and Wigan never really tested us, even though they were largely successful in neutralizing our efforts in the first half. Although we created chances, they were mainly direct. And speaking of creating chances. What a difference Reina makes. With all due respect to Brad Jones having Reina at the back we stay further up the pitch, possession is distributed better and it nearly paid off in the 9th minute when Reina played it to Enrique and then Suarez had the ball on the left wing and crossed it, nearly getting a deflection in for goal.

Some talking points:

Johnson-Enrique partnership - here to stay or a lucky break?

Is Enrique better suited to be a powerhouse winger than an indecisive fullback?

Was Agger making a claim for future captain with his 'don't fuck with us' attitude, getting involved in every controversy or does he need to tone it down?

Has Gerrard found his role as the deepest player in midfield and what do you make of Henderson's impact coming on for Suso? And does Henderson deserve to start next week?

Is Sterling outrageously good or un-fucking-believably good? The young man was tracking back, taking on defenders, making tackles and such was his quality that upon getting the ball on the 47th minute you instantly knew it would end in the back of the net.

Is Suarez unstoppable? The man is sensational, they were so scared of him that they didn't even try and kick out at him, because it gave him a chance to get past them.

Has Enrique found his goal scoring streak? I was so surprised when it happened that I forgot to put it in as a talking point!

Final thought: Can someone explain this strange feeling of joy that comes from seeing a bad decision fall in our favour? I haven't experienced it in so long I don't know what to do with myself here.

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