Preview: Liverpool v Wigan - Saturday 17 November 15:00

Posted by Jake on November 15, 2012, 05:03:57 PM

Liverpool FC take on Wigan Athletic at Anfield


Previous Results
Liverpool 1-2 Wigan 24/03/12 - KD
Wigan 0-0 Liverpool 21/12/11 - KD
Liverpool 1-1 Wigan 12/02/11 - KD
Wigan 1-1 Liverpool 10/11/10 - RH
Wigan 1-0 Liverpool 08/03/10 - RB
Liverpool 2-1 Wigan 16/12/09 - RB

I didn't plan on going back to the previous decade, but I was more shocked by the minute finding out just how much of a bogey team Wigan have been for us, for such a supposedly lowly relegation fodder team that Wigan have been in the past few years, noone since Rafa has been able to find a way to get the win, how can this be? Is it bad luck? Is it that we're rubbish? Do we underestimate Wigan? Are Wigan any good? I'd suggest its a combination of them all.

In our last game its fairly safe to say that we had given up in the League, in the game before that £10m worth of set pieces missed a Pen, and Wigan put up a bit of a fight in the game before that. The game before that Roy was here, so that doesn't sound...

We have a better team than them surely? We're the mighty Reds and they're Pie-Eating Wigan? Well credit where credits due, they have had some good players over the last few seasons. Even now they have a bloody good keeper in Al-Habsi, Caldwell has always been solid, Di Santo got a call up to the Argentina squad alongside Leo Messi. I'd take them over Cole and Downing any day of the week.

The Reds have got bloody good players too mind you, Reina is back and on form is better than Al-Habsi, Agger and Skrtel are great, better than Caldwell, and our South American striker has an extra trick or two than theirs.

We should win, but we should beat most teams at limp wristed Fortress Anfield. Hopefully the crowd will get behind the lads and be buoyed by the news that Lucas is back in training, thats got to be good.

Reina should be back in net, Jones is a nice guy but he's not LFC standard.
Enrique played well against Chelsea, and Johnson is the best full back we have, so perhaps we'll see Wisdom rested.
Agger and Skrtel are our first choice defenders, but Coates has skill and would be useful in attack against Wigan, remember his first goal for the club? Zlat ain't the only one who can fly.
In midfield we have Shelvey back but he'll likely start on the bench and it'll be the usual Allen-Sahin-Gerrard. If they can all do their jobs then this works well but so far I'm unimpressed.
Sterling and Suso on the wings? Assaidi has been impressive and surely deserves a chance in the league, but Suso was great against Chel$ea and Sterling will be riding on a high after making his England first team debut.
Up front we'll either have Suarez or Samed Yesil. I'm guessing Suarez.

Prediction? Liverpool 3-1 Wigan. But that's optimistic, I'm also expecting a dominating 0-0.

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