Chelsea Away - Away Day Report

Posted by Luke 17 on November 12, 2012, 09:59:05 PM

I had been waiting for ages for this away.. it's always one of the first away's I look out for when the fixture list comes out and after last season I couldn't wait for it! A long journey down to London doesn't sound that much fun but the excitement of going to watch Liverpool away is always there.

The day started quite early.. we got some supplies in for the journey down and set off around 9am. We had planned the trip so we could park for free and avoid paying for parking and set off for Watford Junction station. We eventually got there and got on the train to West Brompton, I had done that train journey the year before and you go past Wembley stadium on the way 'Hopefully we get to go to Wembley this year' was the words spoke last year and because of the success of those words last year we also joked again about hopefully getting there this year!

We got off the train and set off for the pub, the Courtfield pub was meant to be a decent little pub so we decided to go there, got in there about 2pm and there was already lots of people there and the atmosphere was very good(lots of singing etc.) After 5 very expensive beers (Nearly £4 a pint) it was nearly time to go to the stadium. Literally everyone from the pub seemed to leave at the same time and the police where caught a little off guard as around 100-200 Liverpool fans set off towards the stadium. The atmosphere was boss already and we hadn't even got to the ground.

By the time we got to the stadium it was already quite packed, and there was about a million stewards all by the Liverpool end searching and checking tickets so as everyone was bouncing the stewards decided to take even longer, but once we finally got in there and had a hotdog and another beer it was nearly time for kickoff! We had already seen the team news at the pub so if im honest I wasn't that confident but I still had that feeling that we could maybe nick something. The game started and fair few rows of the upper tier decided to sit down.. for anyone who goes to regular away games will know that nearly everytime we always stand up so to see people sit down was a little bit strange, from a glance I did notice there was quite a few couples amongst those sitting down.

The first half was very poor and Chelsea could of easily been 2,3-0 up and out of sight. The goal was dissapointing to conceed and a good save from Brad Jones kept us in the game and by half-time it wasn't looking very good. The second half started and we seemed to be playing a lot better and keeping possession well, we still didn't look that much of a threat but when a flick on by Jamie Carragher. YES Jamie Carragher was nodded in by Suarez the travelling kop erupted! There really is no better feeling than celebrating a goal in the away end. The celebration just seems to mean so much more and be so much better. There was belief then that we could actually get something out of the game and the lads seemed to go for it a little bit more. The substitution of Torres was greated by a cheer also for the fact that he hadn't scored against us again and with a little glance from Fernando himself to the travelling kop he didn't seem to pleased.

I really thought we was going to nick it in the 93rd minute when Enrique had that chance but it wasn't too be. A point was probably a fair result and I would of definitely took it at half time. We clapped the lads off and then set off for the train station. A couple of reds where being interviewed by Abu Dhabi and I poked my head in so i'll definitely be on tele somewhere around the world. HA. We finally got back to the train station and got the train to Willesden Junction, we got there and was then told we had to get a replacement bus to Harrow and Wealdstone as there was maintenance work on the overground. So there we was sitting on some random bus in the middle of London with no battery at all on either of our phones. Luckily we managed to get talking to some Arsenal fan on the bus and he showed us how to get back to Watford. So another train later from Harrow and Wealdstone to Watford Junction and we was on our way back to the car. All quite content with how the game went. After all coming home on a 5 hour journey with a point is much better than coming back from a defeat.

We got home around 12am which wasn't too bad all things considered. I can't wait for Swansea away next Sunday and to do it all over again!


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