Round Table Discussion - Anzhi v Liverpool

Posted by royhendo on November 8, 2012, 07:16:03 PM

Well, you saw the team and you thought 'it's gonna be a loss this, and hopefully not a hiding', because, well, inexperience up front, and a few selections that caused you a wee worry. But as it transpired, it wasn't a hiding. But that said, it felt disappointing, because they seemed to be there for the taking at times.

So - discussion. 2nd string goes to Moscow and you feel disappointed not to leave with a point. I guess that's not bad. But there are talking points.

Team shape/emphasis/balance
Did you feel they were starting to look a little better integrated? The funnel was pretty effective early on, and when players pressed, at times they looked pretty well choreographed. But as expected, in the early set up it had the classic Euro away feel of a 4-6-0, but without the quality when any o that six punctured the line.

It was interesting to see how Anzhi's line started to drop off around the 20 minute mark, because the back six or seven players were doing a good job of circulating it, and not giving their forwards a sniff of an interception. They started to retreat a little, and we started to emerge into the game from there... but then of course they killed us with a sucker punch on the stroke of half time. Switching of in classic style and conceding at the cliched 'worst possible time'.

Anything to comment on from the predominately second string?

Coates - was he done up like a kipper for their goal?

Morgan - I felt proud of him and felt Henderson let him (and himself) down in the 1st half after their exchange. How did he look to you?



Jones - that first half save from Eto'o - the flamin' galah!

Henderson and Shelvey as a pairing?

And Suso...

Over to you.

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