Preview: Chelsea v Liverpool - Sunday 11th November 16:00

Posted by Le Jake on November 4, 2012, 11:17:56 PM


At Stamford Bridge

Liverpool 6-2 Chelsea

And those two were in Rafa’s troubled last season.

That’s right, when it comes to Liverpool v Chelsea in the league, we’ve done pretty well over our last 4 transitions, I mean seasons. Torres, Maxi, Meireles, Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly are all players who in the last two seasons have made the Chelsea fans cry into their diamond encrusted programmes and pre-match Chianti. But that was then, and this is now, arguably the biggest changes for both sides in recent history are underway and any hint of Liverpool being a bogey team for the Blues is long gone.

What makes the Reds so different? Well we no longer have Hodgson in charge of a Fernando Torres-fuelled, dying embers of a quality, championship chasing side. Torres bagged a brace against the team who buy whatever is in their way. So they bought him.

We no longer have King Kenny in charge of a hard working, if a little technically challenged, side who were the Tortoise to the Hare. Raul Meireles bagged one at Stamford Bridge. So they bought him. Maxi was a scourge upon Roman Abramovic’s moneybags side, but he’s gone too. Kelly and Johnson showed that right backs can do it too but it’s likely these two fine Englishmen will be sat in the director’s box next to Linda Pizzuti.

So how about those other players that have put the ball in the back of the net against Chelsea recently? Carroll? Out on loan. Henderson? Out of favour. Shelvey? Squeezed out by Alleni.

That leaves Daniel Agger. But out of all the center backs on the park next weekend, it’s likely not going to be this one making the headlines.

So goals will be hard to come by? Yes, that may be the case. We only have one recognised striker, and our wingers have the combined age of our Carra, but the diamond atop this attacking trio is the one and only Luis Suarez. He’s passed on the baton of racist to Heir John “Ethnic Cleansing” Terry. The man who wears his heart on his sleeve, the same sleeve which covers up his swastika tattoo. He’s passed on the baton of diver to Phil “not as good as my brother” Neville. The captain of our Merseyside neighbours who saw Suarez’s goal celebration against his side and thought if he can’t score and do the same, he’d do so in open play. This has left our little Luis with a clearer mind and a sharper set of feet. His latest offering against Newcastle was a thing of absolute beauty, and its likely that he will get more chances against a team with David “ultra-attacking” Luis and the aforementioned Adolf Terry, the victim of 62 nutmeggings the last
time the two met.

We can score goals. We play attractive football on our day and still have a brilliant spine of Reina, Agger, Gerrard, Suarez. Supplemented by lively and  young surrounding of Sterling, Suso, Allen, Sahin and Wisdom there is enough there to cause anybody trouble. If they can just put the back of the ball in the fucking net.

What of Chelsea? Are they the same team that were drubbed 4-1 the last time these two teams met? Or are they the Drogba powered team who broke many a red heart just days earlier in the FA Cup final? They’re neither.
You see, Chelsea somehow won the Champions League (don’t ask me how) and their benevolent dictator decided to throw one last wad of cash at them before he loses all his money in the business and divorce courts. Hazard, Oscar, Marin and Moses all came in for megabucks (don’t tell me Carroll cost less than them all, I know) and completely changed the way they play.
Up until the last few games they were flying high at the top of the table. Now instead of getting battered by QPR and going down to 9 men, they are getting battered by Man Utd and going down to 9 men. But seriously, now they don’t rely on Drogba, they are a much more fluid and potent force. Don’t worry though, Torres is still shit.

Swansea and Man Utd have shown in recent weeks that they can be troubled, and whilst they may not be the Chelsea of last season, they're still not unbeatable. So don't go bloody whinging and get behind the lads and lets see what happens.

All in all, just remember kids. It doesn't matter how much money you have. You still can't buy class.

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