Round Table Discussion - Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle United

Posted by royhendo on November 4, 2012, 06:51:14 PM

"I say I say I say, what do you call a win when your team doesn't score enough goals?

A draw. Or sometimes a loss."


...and Sterling takes the through ball into his stride, and rifles it low past Krul's left hand into the bottom right corner, and it's 2-1 Liverpool! (Repeat ad infinitum.)

Things are what they are. Cabaye scores a peach with their first effort on goal (Jones was so close to getting his hand to it), and you think "wake me up in January", but that moment from Suarez. That's the kind of moment that makes it all worthwhile.

A moment of sublime footballing genius. The man's sprinting at full pelt, marked all the way. The ball drops from the sky over his left shoulder, he cushions it into his stride with his left breast, and in one movement rides the challenge of his marker, shifts feet to take it out of reach of the oncoming goalkeeper, and slots it into the empty net.

The last time I remember seeing anything like that was the Bergkamp goal against Leicester, and before that, possibly the same player's classic against Argentina in WC98. A proper classic of a goal.

And with that in mind, I'm still buzzing. I know it was a draw - another bloody draw - but if I'm honest I was expecting a draw. That's where we are. We make openings but they're often a little scruffy, or the finisher doesn't have enough quality to bury it. Downing's put a peach of a cross in there, but Shelvey's freshly shorn testicle of a head puts it right at Krul. That's our lot til January.

So did the goal lift your spirits?

Edit - let's have a look at it again.

Do you believe that with the right player or players around him, Suarez will wreak the right kind of merry havoc into the home stretch?

Will the return of Lucas free Allen to orchestrate that havoc to a greater extent?

Is the defence tightening to some extent?

Is Sterling growing?

Is Suso due a rest?

Did Enrique rise to the occasion?

Over to you.

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