Round Table discussion: Liverpool v Swansea in the Capital One Cup

Posted by BabuYagu on October 31, 2012, 09:43:39 PM

So we are eliminated from the Cup we won last season. Feelings?

Rodgers lost at the first time of asking against his former club. Did Laudrup tactically get the better of the man he replaced? Was our starting lineup not strong enough or exactly what we should be doing in these games? Are Swansea better drilled than us at this moment in time?

Our substitutions? Personally I think he did will to change it right away instead of wait 20 minutes to see how the second half was going. He also made the right calls in who to take off. I personally would have taken Downing or Robinson off for Sterling but perhaps Assaidi was fading and not looking like a threat?

Yesil - not ready for this level yet or just nerves?
Cole, Downing - Do either have a future here? I think Rodgers has finally come around to our way of thinking on Cole given how quick he was pulled.
Henderson - How did he do for a first time right back?
Robinson - already moving above Enrique in the pecking order?
Suarez, is he scoring enough yet? Thatīs 3 poachers goals heīs scored this week even though the FA will tell you itīs only 2. Is he finally playing the way our system needs him too?

Forcing it - once more I see us take shots in deperation which we would never score from. Sterling, Shelvey, Gerrard .... they were all at in late in the second half with hit and hope shots that had 0 chance of producing a goal. Should we be more patient and play the ball around the box looking for an opening when chasing a game? Or is it a case of never shoot you never score?

Over to you guys!

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