Fly the Flag? It takes two to make everything go right...

Posted by Harindergeist on October 28, 2012, 12:58:05 AM

...It takes two to make it out of sight  :D

Very simple this one (I think). We, the RAWK collective, have over the years gone by designed and then created a fair few banners.

Where have they gone? Are they gathering dust now that the initial new toy feeling has dissipated? Have they been so well travelled that they have now been consumed by that popular pastime
of being a bit too merry and poor banner became a victim of circumstance?

Some that spring to mind on here

"Smokin Joe"
"El Pistolero"
"Digger 10" (disclaimer. I know about this one. It will be back soon!)

That's just a few. There are many others. These aren't banners for finals. They're for life

What if you don't have a banner but, well, ya know you want to be an active flag/banner flyer? You've got the "cojones" but no items of yer own. There is a way for yourselves too. The very good
and supremely well stocked HJC may have few that are waiting to see daylight again.

A very good man and poster here on RAWK called Stoz is the person you'll see along with others marshalling an effort just next to the kop entrance below the scoreboard. Those lovely ones of
Paisley and Sir Roger Hunt to name but a few are setup by these guys. They can show you the way for getting what you have out onto the Kop. I would assume they'd also be able to give pointers
on ones sitting in the HJC awaiting a kind soul or two.

In the words of a very old tv programme for the youth... Why Don't You?  ;D

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