Spyin' Kop - Everton v Liverpool - 28/10/12

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Everton v Liverpool
Sunday 28th October
Goodson Park

So, that time has come. Our attention has shifted from Europa League commitments back to the Premier League, and in particular Sunday's Merseyside Derby against Everton. Winners of Premier League games get rewarded with three points and this is a Premier League match, but to the fans it means a whole lot more. For the winners of Derby games, Monday morning can't come soon enough so you can see your friends/colleagues etc. and remind them of the game. For the losers...well, expect a lot of stick to fly your way. It's an old saying but it is true; bragging rights are up for grabs. Ahead of the game, I posted a few questions to some Evertonians on the Grand Old Team forum (http://www.grandoldteam.com). I got quite a lot of replies in fairness, so I've chosen a few to share with you all. You can click here to see all the replies i got.



Before we get to any 'on- pitch' matters, I'd firstly like to take this opportunity on behalf of the members of RAWK for the support and tributes that Everton showed regarding the Hillsborough Independent Panel's findings. Your club and it's supporters were magnificent. With that being said, do you see the atmosphere at the derby changing at all in light of the recent events? I'm sure we'd all like to see the return of the 'Friendly Derby' and see an end to some of the pretty appalling chants sung by both sets of fans?

Toffeemax: I'm too young to really have experienced the friendly derby.Even though I'm not from Liverpool a lot of my friends are Liverpool fans, one of which is coming with me to sit in the Upper Gwladys, it's a shame that I have advised him not to wear any colours but a new generation of fans are coming through and as the Liverpool brand is growing ever bigger and more and more people unaware of the history from outside the city go and watch them the derby is becoming more of a spiteful affair.

Evertonian6: Ididn't have any doubts about the Hillsborough thing to be honest. We are a great club and I wouldn't of expected anything else, nor would I have expected much different from your fans if it was vice versa.

Dom1878: Not too bothered about the rivalry at the moment, I used to be a few years ago, but there is no point abusing eachother. Whether there will be chants at Goodison on Sunday, I highly doubt it - then again every club has idiots.

Papa Shango: Of course we would support the Hillsborough stuff, our friends and relatives were involved in the tragedy too. I donít think we will ever have a totally friendly derby anymore, it's got nothing to do with the clubs etc, it's just people these days are a lot nastier. Away from the ground its fine though.

What have you made of Liverpool's start, and what do you feel about Brendan Rodgers and the style he is trying to implement at Anfield?

Toffeemax: Tricky first few games to say the least, West Brom away to start and people started to write them off. However I for one am a keen admirer of the baggies and feel that Liverpool will be comfortably in the top 10 come the end of the season.

Evertonian6: To be fair, you did have quite a tough first few fixtures, but you were shocking at the start of the season but it has looked like you have picked yourselves up and will probly beat us on sunday and kick start your season.

Dom1878: I thought it was a strange decision to hire Rodgers, yes he played some great football with Swansea but he hadn't exactly proven himself to take over a European club. Liverpools football has improved greatly, but - thanks to the shambles of your transfer deadline day - you aren't going to have a great season this season. I think Rodgers needs about 3 years to have a team he can be confident in, but I don't think your owners will be patient enough in all honesty.

Papa Shango: I think he is a complete fraud and I am absolutely amazed that he is in charge of a club as massive as Liverpool. His style of play involves passing a ball to a player in the same coloured shirt. Its hardly ground breaking. The start is about right, Liverpool do not have a good squad these days.

In the past few years, Everton have seemed to start their league campaign slowly, yet this year (from the outside looking in) you seem to have started pretty well. What do you think has been the major difference between this season and previous seasons?

Toffeemax: We need to kick on and win a few more games now. Drawing 3 gets the same points as losing 2 and winning 1, it just looks a bit better as you're 'unbeaten'. To not win at Wigan or QPR has shown how our form has dipped in recent weeks. As Moyes says, rate our start after ten games. There hasn't really been one 'major' difference, however signing Miralels and Naismith before the deadline day may have had a part to play in it.

Evertonian6: I think one of the main factors was bringing in Pienaar on a permanent deal. we all knew how much of a difference he makes and so did the players.Kevin Mirallas is also the type of player we have missed and gives us another option on the right wing instead of just Pienaar and Baines for 90 minutes.

Dom1878: We have had a great balance this season. Not only do we have Baines and Pienaar on the left, we have Coleman and Mirallas on the right. With Fellaini in the centre behind Jelavic. I really can't remember a time when we have had such a good balance.

Papa Shango: We got players in early. I also think our cancelled trip to Thailand has helped us stay fresh for the start of the season. A big win on the first game of the season always helps kick start things too.

Which of your players have been your best this season?

Toffeemax: Fellaini as been highly praised and rightly so. Baines is another usual suspect who has been playing well. I'm very fond of Mirallas, and he's adapted to the English game well, I feel he is an invaluable asset not least because he is so versatile.

Evertonian6: Fellaini has had a few outstanding games and a couple of poor ones, I will go with the usual suspects of Pienaar and Baines. Gibson was also brilliant untill he got injured and Jagileka is up there too.

Dom1878: Fellaini at the very start, the past few matches he has faded abit though, if he plays in the Derby I'm sure he will step up. Other than Fellanini, Jagielka has probably been the best in my opinion, some fantastic performances.

Papa Shango: Fellaini has been immense. Pienaar returning has also made a huge difference. Jagielka has done well.

Anybody not performed as well as you'd have expected?

Toffeemax: Distin & Heitinga at the back have both had fairly poor starts. We seem to be leaking goals over the past few weeks, allowing Newcastle, Wigan and QPR to score against us has cost us some valuable points.

Evertonian6: Heitinga has had a few poor games when he has played and considering he was our player of the year last season I'll go with him.

Dom1878: I don't think Howard has had a particularly good start to the season, and Distin/Heitinga haven't looked as solid as Jagielka at the back, which is strange because last season they were both fantastic.

Papa Shango: Probably Jelavic. He hasnít been bad or anything but hasnít started firing just yet.

Everton last won a trophy in 1995. With that in mind, how did you feel when David Moyes fielded a weakened side in the League Cup and the subsequent defeat to Leeds? Do you not think he could have treated the competition like Liverpool did last year?

Toffeemax: I feel it was frustrating, however the whole game was frustrating. The conditions were horrible which suited Leeds, coupled with the fact Diouf had a blinder and it was just a depressing night out.

Evertonian6: Yes, he goes on about how desperate he is to win silverware and to be honest it was very suprising because he normally fields very strong teams for cup competitions even against lower opposition.

Dom1878: In all honesty, and mI' not saying this because we have been knocked out, I'm not really that arsed about the League Cup - I mean who remembers League Cup winners? Its the FA Cup which is the big one, and we have slowly been making improvements in that competition over recent years.

Papa Shango: Not really. Our second string should have enough to beat Leeds. Playing weakened sides in league derbies annoys me more.

Looking further ahead of Sunday, how do you see both teams doing this season?

Both have the capabilities to go onto really challenge for the top four.

Evertonian6: I can see us finishing above you lot. I think you are in desperate need of a good finisher, we found ours in Jelavic and I don't think you can rely on Suarez. He is a good player but a poor slotter. I think the Europa League will take its toll on your players and considering Suarez is your only fit striker, you might struggle for goals. I can see us pushing for 4th place but then just falling a bit short but I do think and hope we can get in the European spots.

Dom1878: Everton and Liverpool will be in a battle for 5th along with Tottenham. At the moment, I see Everton being 6th and Liverpool 7th though, depends who Liverpool bring in in the January transfer window really! Liverpool with an actual finisher could be very difficult to beat.

Papa Shango: Role reversal of the past few seasons I reckon. Everton will stay up and around the top four but end up around 6th. Liverpool after a slow start will gradually push on and come in a place or two behind in 7th or 8th.

What are your best memories of Merseyside Derbies?

Toffeemax: Danny Cademateri seeing as it is the first I can remember watching. More recently, the Dan Gosling derby was special.

Evertonian6: Only quite young so there haven't been much! I will go with the Cahill equaliser at the Road End and the 3-0 win at home.

Dom1878: Two obvious memories stand out, the first was the 3-0 derby, it was the first Derby I had went to where we had won by such a good amount. Tim Cahill and Andy Johnson on the score sheet, fantastic day. Secondly, who could forget the Dan Gosling Derby, fantastic celebrations.

Papa Shango: Joe Royle's first game in charge where we won 2-0 and the dogs of war era begun

What about the worst memories you have?

Toffeemax: Last year's semi final, in the Club Wembley in the Liverpool end. Nearly cried when Carrol scored.

Evertonian6: Where to start?!? Semi final. 3-0 Gerrard hat trick. The 0-2 at Goodison last season with 'bucktooth' up to his usual tricks, and of course the 'Clattenburg Derby'.

Dom1878: Clattenberg when he didn't send Kuyt off, and Lescott got wrestled to the ground. Also, the semi final last year was horrible. It was typical Everton where we went ahead and then went defensive. It was horrible to lose like that and then even worse to drive home 4 hours in silence.

Papa Shango: Ian Rush scoring 4, The Clattenburg derby.

So looking ahead to the game itself, what side do you think David Moyes will select, and if different, what side would you select if you were in his shoes?

Toffeemax: The side depends on who's fit. Gibson and Fellaini will walk back into the starting 11, Mirallas will probably be pushed out wide left and Coleman down the right wing with Hibbert at right back if fit.

Evertonian6: With Pienaar banned I would shift Mirallas on to the left wing and play Naismith on the right. Not sure whether or not Moyes might go with Gueye/Oviedo on the left and keep Mirallas on the right, we'll have to wait and see.

Dom1878: Moyes will play Neville in the DM role rather than Heitinga. If it were me I'd play Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Coleman, Heitinga, Fellaini, Mirallas, Osman, Jelavic.. Shame Pienaar can't play!

Papa Shango: Phil Neville should not be in midfield. I donít care how many injuries we have he just shouldnít be there. I would like to see Oviedo start in place of the suspended Pienaar.

Are there any Liverpool players you are worried about ahead of the game?

Toffeemax: Gerrard enjoys doing well against us and Suarez can never be left alone.

Evertonian6: Suarez, brilliant footballer, brilliant nobhead! Gerrard also steps up in the derbies and I have also been impressed with Sterling and think he could cause us a few problems.

Dom1878: Yeah Suarez, tricky player and I can imagine him being able to get past Baines/Coleman quite a few times (not Jagielka/Distin though!) and I'm worried about him because this is the perfect game for him to win a penalty. Seriously, if PaddyPower had a bet special of "Everton to have a player sent off, when Suarez dives in the dying minutes to win a penalty which is then scored" I'd be putting quite alot on it.

Papa Shango: Luis Suarez for two reasons. Firstly he is a cheat, but secondly he is also a very good player. Gerrard is obvious.

Finally, Liverpool have a very good record in recent Derby matches. Taking that into account, and weighing it up against your good start and our indifferent start, how do you see the game going? Would you take a point if offered it now?

Toffeemax: At home and if the only player out is Pienaar, I'd be unhappy if we didn't get all three points on paper. However, it is Liverpool and we normally don't play like we should against them.

Evertonian6: I can see the usual inferior complex coming into it and we will bottle it as per. These types are games are generally won in midfield which is why the thought of Neville and Osman together in a CM pairing doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Dom1878: If a point was offered now, I wouldn't take it. I think we will more than likely lose as we normally do, but I'd take the risk of losing for a win, rather than just settle for a draw. This is the type of game that keeps Everton's momentum going - or alternatively kick start Liverpool's season. But our team is weak, Fellaini is a doubt, Gibson is a doubt and Pienaar is banned - all of them are vital to Everton and they will be a big loss, and sadly we don't have the players to replace them, so we have to rely on players like Neville - who just arent good enough - or atleast in midfield - anymore.

Papa Shango: Usually I would take a point but if we cant beat this current Liverpool side then we may as well not bother in future.

That's that then folks. Here's to another Derby win (hopefully).

As I mentioned earlier, I got a lot of responses to my questions, some after I'd finished writing. You can see them all here.


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