Round Table: Liverpool 1 Reading 0

Posted by Garstonite on October 20, 2012, 05:56:30 PM

It's funny really. If we pulled these kinds of results out in similar circumstances regularly, we'd be commended for grinding out the result. We do it on the back of a shaky, inconsistent run and it's not good enough. It's 'papering over the cracks'.

I was really hoping that one of Sterling and Suso got off the mark today. Unfortunately, predictably, I backed the wrong horse in my pre-match bet. Terrific finish from Raheem though. While we can't expect too much, too soon from the lad, we do need other people pitching in. What is clear is that we can't rely on Suarez. His finishing is erratic.

So my question is; we buy a striker in January, where exactly does Suarez fit? Out wide? I'm not convinced. I think you need his threat down the middle, off the shoulder of defences. That said, part of that threat he poses is, erm, getting the odd free-kick in and around the box.

Brad Jones - worthy of his place? (Who'd have thought you'd ever be saying that with any degree of seriousness?)

Gerrard's ball retention was better today, but does he have the discipline to cover ground across the midfield? Rafa never rated him in this sense and he doesn't have the legs he did then now either. I said we wouldn't miss Lucas as much as we did last season (and we're not) but he still can't come back quick enough, in my opinion)

So. Over to you.

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