The Kids Are Alright - The West Bromwich C1 Cup Round Table

Posted by Veinticinco de Mayo on September 26, 2012, 10:45:44 PM

It started poorly and you feared the worst but then Foster evened things up and all of a sudden these teenagers, prompted by Sahin, were pinging the ball across the wet Hawthorns turf as if this was a training match.  The domination of possession was so complete that this gem made it into the halftime analysis on a Baggies forum:

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Re: In Game Chat Today at 08:55:45 PM
»Can we have our ball back please?!

Lots of new players to have a look at so lets start with a few of those:
Thoughts on Yesil?
Thoughts on Assaidi?
Was this Pacheco leaping from his footballing coffin like a celebrant at the Procesión de Santa Marta de Ribarteme?

More generally, if this is how Brendan Rodgers is aiming to get the club playing from top to bottom then what do we think?

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